Free Scopes: Knowledge Set Free

All controllers and maintenance personnel require initial training and continuous professional development on primary radar equipment.

For 2014, has decided to provide its scope software (A-Scopes, B-Scopes, PPI, Raw Data Monitor, etc.), optimized for training and research purposes, free of charge. Learners and experts can exchange radar data logs via the portal and, while sharing, also learn from real-life scenarios provided from all over the world

The benefits would include a growing freely accessible base of radar logs, enriched with videos, and discussion. Through an open interface with numerical computing environments like MATLAB, researchers can experiment on new filtering and analysis algorithms and critically debate their results.

Can we ignite a vital community of learners, researchers and developers through such a network? Could such community-driven networks contribute to progress in ATM? The presentation closes with some analogies from IT and automotive backgrounds and dares a more general outlook.

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