Fly Higher Final Conference

Workshop on shaping the new evolving generation of aeronautic professionals 

"Fly Higher Final Conference - Encouraging young people’s passion for aeronautics"

Thursday, 6th March, 2014; 10:00-12:00 

At the World ATM Congress 2014

Organised by CANSO and ATCA, 

Madrid, SPAIN, IFEMA, feria de Madrid. 

Fly Higher Final Conference - Encouraging young people’s passion for aeronautics

The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union, Seventh Framework Programme FP7 / 2007 - 2013 under grant agreement n° 314383

Workshop Objectives:

The aeronautic industry is the key driver of European competitiveness, playing a fundamental role in facilitating economic growth and social inclusion, providing revenues to otherwise isolated regions and helping people to enlarge their horizons. However, the unprecedented economic crisis has posed several relevant challenges that affect European competitiveness, performance and sustainability. Europe is also assisting a main demographic development characterised by an aging population and also declining of younger age groups. In this context, shortage of qualified personnel may affect the aeronautic sector in the future, unless there is a joint effort to attract young Europeans to future careers in the field of Aeronautics. The main aim of the FLY HIGHER project is to attract, motivate and encourage young Europeans to embrace future careers in the field of Aeronautics by raising awareness of young people about future career paths in aeronautics

The Fly Higher project in its Final Conference aims to present the main outcomes of the EC FP7 FLY HIGHER project ( to relevant stakeholders. Over 30 experts all over Europe are invited to this workshop, where a wide dissemination about the Fly Higher concept, will occur, attracting high-level teachers, managers of university curricula and training schools (in the area of aeronautics). These professionals and experts will provide valuable feedback about the requirements gathered so far, actual material produced and for the future material proposals.

The goal of the workshop is double:

  • show the main outcomes of the project that has been running for almost two years: classroom materials for teachers and school advisors and activities for children, to motivate them towards aeronautic studies and
  • give a small group of young students the chance to interact with the industry and the possible professional careers that the Aeronautics has to offer through direct contact with the representatives of the main industries attending to the World ATM Congress 2014.


The workshop will take place at the ATM Theatre (exhibition floor and set for 75). It will start at 10:00 and it is programmed until 12:00.

After a short welcome to the workshop, and a quick preview of the activities which have already taken place, the students will split in groups and visit in an orderly way and accompanied by adults the different exhibitors, participating in a research Gymkhana which results will be seen afterwards.  They will also participate in a competition using some of the materials generated during the Fly Higher project.

In the meantime, in the ATM Theatre the different partners will explain the outcomes of the project to the representatives of the industry, the academia and the schools. There will be a debate on how to approach children and schools, good points of the project, points to improve, etc.

To wrap up, the scholars will come back to the theatre, explain their discoveries to the audience and receive their awards.

The workshop will count on the participation of speakers and representatives from the academia, industry and lower education representatives. All the school headmasters and professionals who have collaborated with the project have been invited, including Air Traffic Controllers, Pilots, Researchers, etc.

For further details please contact the workshop organizer: Rocío Barragán Montes, Technical University of Madrid (UPM),


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