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Tuesday, 12 March, 2019

10.10 – 10.30 THALES

Title: Accelerate Operational UTM Deployment - A Process Proposal

Speaker: Oliver Rea, Thales 

Abstract: Although the concepts of UTM and U-space services are still being defined, there is global acceptance that many elements are viable and can be deployed in operational environments, with many functions being tested in the aviation market in 2019. There are many approaches to the integration of drones into the airspace and regardless of how we achieve the goal; there is little argument that unlocking the airspace to allow for routine UAS operations would create significant economic growth opportunities for any nation and will pave the way for more demanding operations like Urban Air Mobility (UAM). To achieve success, capabilities must be deployed as soon as possible to garner widespread community support for true operational services. This session will explore how we can move forward in a manner that manages risk and public perception and does not compromise the safety and equitable access rights for those flying today.
10.40 – 11.00 Rohde & Schwarz

Title: Enhanced Situational Awareness – A Holistic Approach to Simultaneous Call Transmission 

Speaker: Aureliu Martin, Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

Abstract: Anticipated air traffic movement growth and other impactful industry trends such as trajectory optimisation pose new challenges for air traffic control systems. Access to control centre voice services, and implicitly to the radio channels in a highly congested environment, potentially leads to more simultaneous call transmissions events. The latest technology evolutions have allowed the implementation of advanced algorithms for providing enhanced situational awareness at the air traffic controller integrated position. Reliable and innovative technologies throughout the Rohde & Schwarz portfolio for identifying, analyzing, and presenting the simultaneous call transmission events enable the optimisation of controllers’ experience and increase the safety of air traffic control operations.
11.10 – 11.50  Isdefe

Title: Risk-based Framework for the Integration of RPAS in Non-Segregated Airspace 

Speaker: Javier Pérez Castán, Isdefe - Universidad Politécica de Madrid

Abstract: The integration of RPAS in non-segregated airspace is one of the significant challenges aviation must deal with. This work presents a risk-based framework for the integration of RPAS in non-segregated airspace. This framework is based on two time-frames: strategical and tactical. The strategical horizon assesses the airspace design and current air traffic flows to detect which airways favour or inhibit the integration of RPAS. Meanwhile, the tactical horizon analyses the conventional aircraft schedule is planned to operate, it assesses the introduction of RPAS based on risk indicators, and it determines temporary restrictions for their introduction.
12.00 – 12.20 Isdefe

Title: Assessment of 4D-Trajectories Predictability and Reliability

Speaker: Alvaro Rodríguez Sanz, Isdefe - Universidad Politécica de Madrid

Abstract: The implementation of the 4D-trajectory operational concept in the future Air Traffic Management system will impose on aircraft the compliance of very accurately arrival times over designated checkpoints. The aim of this work is to develop a methodology to characterise these time constraints (time-windows), understand the variables that have significant impact on them and manage the uncertainty associated to 4D-trajectories evolution. By considering different flight phases and scenarios, we propose a novel probabilistic approach (based on a causal model and a multistate framework) for controlling aircraft punctuality and 4D-trajectories reliability. The main contribution of the project is the development of a model to deal with uncertainty, increase predictability and manage reliability in 4D-trajectories, which are cornerstones in the future airspace operational environment.
12.30 – 12.50 LAIC

Title: ATCO Occupancy Monitoring and Time Recording

Speaker: George Charles Parobek

Abstract: LAIC have continued to innovate in the development of ATM support tools and solutions. In the first of today's talks, George Parobek will present a solution for ATCO Occupancy monitoring, license and training support. There will be particular reference to the development approach that ensured the solution was successfully implemented at numerous Units of ANS.
13.00 – 14.00 Aireon

Title: Space-Based ADS-B Surveillance-as-Service: It's Ready for Primetime

Speakers: Vincent Capezzuto, Aireon

Abstract: Starting in 2011, Aireon set out to create a global network of ADS-B receivers that can track all versions of ADS-B equipped aircrafts anywhere in the world. The mission was simple- to make aviation safer and more efficient through global aircraft surveillance. To meet the mission, Aireon defined the concept of use to frame the operational requirements. Through partnerships with world class system manufacturers and ANSPs, Aireon started the holistic process of designing the system. The key to the approach of achieving world wide coverage was to leverage the Iridium Communications upgrade project and install ADS-B receivers on 66 low earth orbit satellites that were planned to be deployed over a 2-year period. Aireon has completed the deployment with the last SpaceX launch on 11 January 2019, dovetailing into a comprehensive test campaign that has validated the performance requirements composed of update interval, latency, continuity, availability, customer service. The culmination of safety audits, design assurance reviews and robust testing has positioned Aireon to receive organizational certification as an air traffic management service provider from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Join Aireon for a presentation and learn more about our current testing, validation, regulatory acceptance and operational status. 

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14.10 – 14.30  Searidge

Title: AI and ATM Data 

Speakers: Neil Bowles and Patrice Becker, Searidge Technologies

Abstract: Learn about Searidge's experiences in applying Artificial Intelligence to ATM data such as A-SMGCS and other surveillance data. Searidge's experts will describe how R&D is bringing a new understanding of the benefits of operational data to multiple stakeholders. 


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14.40 – 15.00 Indra 

Title: Cross Border Resilience to Sustain ATM Network Capacity

Speaker: Raúl Berrocal, Indra

Abstract: The current ATM automation solutions promote that the Resilience can be achieved not only at ANSP level, but also cross border – between ANSPs – and they are boosted by Interoperability (IOP). These solutions also permit sustaining the ATM network global Capacity in case of limitations in one of the nodes.
15.10 – 15.30  Indra 

Title: Connecting Drones Safely, Creating a Better Airspace

Speaker: Patricia Hervías, Indra

Abstract: U-Space & UTM are the hot topics in drone world right now. In a very traditional and close world like is ATM and the airspace use, new actors and companies are entering, opening the market and applications. This is a good way to boost the economy and encourage the use of drones for commercial applications, but keeping the safety and security levels for both airspace users and assets on ground become essential. During the presentation, Indra will expose its vision about U-Space and UTM, applying its wide experience in maintaining safety and security in ATM systems to this new UTM world. The possible architecture will be discussed, making emphasis in different solutions, both in the short and in the medium-long term. To finish, Indra presentation will also highlight the integration between both systems, UTM and ATM, especially in critical zones close to controlled airspace or airports and its relationship with C-UAS systems.

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15.40 – 16.00  Indra

Title: Towards New ATM Automation

Speaker: Gonzalo Quiles, Indra

Abstract: Learn how the SESAR R&D validated concepts accomplish ready-to-use solutions for Capacity, TWR, advanced CWP tools, and many other subjects.

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16.10 – 16.30  CANSO 

Title: CANSO Insight: Improving the Cost-efficiency and Productivity of ATM

Speakers: Siree Vatanavigkit, AEROTHAI and CANSO Global Benchmarking Workgroup and Fiona Ribbons, Helios

Abstract: Collective intelligence is vital to successfully managing in the future. The annual CANSO Global Air Navigation Services Performance Report provides an overview of aviation industry trends, worldwide ANSP performance data on a number of key metrics. These benchmarking activities enable ANSPs and stakeholders to make informed decisions when pursuing cost-efficiency and productivity improvements that do not impacting safety. CANSO, the global voice of ATM, brings together industry experts and practitioners to develop guidance material for the industry, by the industry. Join us as we consider key financial and productivity data from this year's report, highlight global performance trends and explore future evolution of the report. Most importantly, learn what it takes to participate and how participating in global benchmarking activities can improve your organisation’s performance.
16.40 – 17.00   DSNA Services

Title: Airspace Design: Looking Forward

Speakers: Farid Zizi, Elodie De Cazenove, Gladys Mercan, Greg Hindson, DSNA Services

As air transportation develops, the need for optimised airspace management increases. DSNA Services and ENAC invite you to explore how to imagine, simulate, optimise, and implement your future airspace - from the gap analysis to the training of all stakeholders. Let's discover our new tools and method to build a safe, efficient, and sustainable airspace. 
17.10 – 17.30   Boeing

Title: Boeing ECO-D Flights: Tool for SESAR VLDs

Speakers: Lawrence Ley & Alvin Sipe, The Boeing Company

Abstract: Presentation will outline how Boeing employs the ECO-Demonstrator as a technology demonstrator platform to address airborne structure solutions and system technologies, including autonomous system concepts. Discussion will highlight key ECO-Demonstrator accomplishments to advance an understanding of airspace operational efficiency solutions and technology development. As a global collaborative effort, Boeing will review future ECO-Demonstrator plans, including 2019 when it will be flying to Europe for the first time and what we will demonstrate in collaboration with DLR. We will conclude with a call for interest to align future ECO-Demonstrator programs with the SESAR Program.

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17.40 – 18.00  GroupEAD

Title: From Paper to Digital Data - Revolutionising Aeronautical Information Management

Speakers: Henry Cáceres & Oscar Centeno 

Abstract: Is the aeronautical world still relying on paper-based information for operational purposes? Who is taking care of the modernisation of this important service? What have been the challenges and solutions during this transformation? In a digitalised world, it is difficult to understand that there are still some services in commercial aviation which are paper-based. We don’t live in the last century anymore and we see the use of new technologies supporting all kind of services everywhere. In Aeronautical Information, this has taken some time, but now we are right in the centre to achieve this important milestone and be able to support to ATM with a truly digitalised Aeronautical Information Management service. GroupEAD´s experts will provide answers and best practice examples of their revolutionising AIM services to improve your operational performance.

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Wednesday, 13 March, 2019 

10.10 – 10.30 Leonardo

Title: Enabling Business, Providing Services: A New Disruptive Model for ATM

Speaker: Gianluca Agresta

Abstract: Technological and economical changes of last few decades, with the deep evolution of data analytics, artificial intelligence, connectivity, cloud computing and industry 4.0 have been leading to a disruptive paradigm shift in how modern enterprises are developing their own assets. New business as a service models less focused on the delivery of hardware products and goods, are shifting towards a combination of digital service-centric capabilities, ecosystems of partners, real-time customer care support models, added-value software products. The speech of today will focus on how this global paradigm shift is impacting also the Traffic Control Systems market.

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10.40 – 11.00 Rohde & Schwarz

Title: Quad-redundant VCS Architectures for Nationwide ATC Deployments

Speakers: Alexandru Negulescu, Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

Abstract: Safe and efficient provisioning of ATM services has always been a core focus for the aviation industry. Next generation architectures, such as virtual centres and remote towers have been in operational use for years throughout the world. In addition to merely sharing resources or workload, leading ANSPs are currently moving toward new operational models that require even more resilience and allow countrywide deployments. Quad-redundant IP VCS architectures offer robust designs to enable “one center” operations from two geo-redundant locations, not only for the area control centres, but also for multiple (remote) towers.

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11:05 – 11.25 ENAV

Title: ENAV's Path Towards a Sustainable Future

Speaker: Davide Tassi, ENAV Head of Corporate Social Responsibility

Abstract: Since 2017 ENAV has been undertaking a path defined “from compliance to the creation of value" whose ultimate goal, in the near future, is the “integrated reporting” or the complete integration between sustainability and business strategies. The event will provide the audience with an overview of the initiatives developed, such as the stakeholder engagement, ENAV’s sustainability plan 2018-2020, the sustainability report and other internal and external communication activities with the aim of developing a sustainable culture.
11.30 – 11.50 NATS 

Title: RECAT & Time Based Separation Enhancing Runway Capacity and Resilience

Speaker: Andy Shand, NATS



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12.00 – 12.20 Cursir

Title: Using UAV Multicopters as an Extension of ILS Ground Measurements

Speaker: Vitaly Munirov

Abstract: Use of the UAV based systems for NAVAIDs checks.The use of the UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) based mobile radio measuring complexes for NAVAIDs, will allow to perform the flight checks procedures, including the preparatory checks, in reduced time margins, more often and with a lesser cost if compared to the ones that are performed using flying laboratories.The base of the proposed solution is to install the UAV based equipment, that will be able to fly to distances not less than 5km and measure radio signal parameters of the ILS landing systems. The use of the UAV for the revision from above of the NAVAIDs equipment, makes flight check services affordable, as well as increases the cost-effectiveness of safety measures, ensures that there is no pollution to the environment, and contributes to the overall safety of air transportation. The mobile radio measuring complex will be able to operate in automatic mode and will allow to collect all the information received into a single database, subsequently the collected data on the NAVAIDs equipment will be transferred to the airport in a centralized way.The creation of a compact research laboratory does not exclude the possibility of using manned flight checks, but rather considerably expands the possibilities of use of alternative aircrafts for operating flight checks of NAVAIDs, as for examples the flight checks made using the UAV.

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12.30 – 12.50 Boeing

Title: Cleared as Filed: Future Air Traffic Management as an Enabler for Autonomous Flight

Speaker: Jon Damush, Boeing Next

Abstract: In this short talk, discussions around the interfaces between current segregated UAS operations and existing general aviation, business aviation and commercial aviation operations will be used to describe some of the Boeing activities in this space over the last few months. In addition, we will touch briefly on the application of technologies from other industries to future ATM, and how those technologies could prove significant in enabling future UAS operations in shared airspace with piloted aircraft.

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13.00 – 14.00 Aireon

Title: Behind the Scenes: NATS & NAV CANADA Discuss NAT Operational Trials of Aireon's Space-Based ADS-B System

Speakers: Ben Girard, NAV CANADA, Juliet Kennedy, NATS

Abstract: With the Iridium NEXT launch campaign complete, Aireon’s space-based global ADS-B air traffic surveillance system is nearing full capability and preparations for operational trials are underway in the world’s busiest oceanic airspace - the North Atlantic Ocean (NAT). In this presentation, NATS and NAV CANADA give a peek behind the curtain on the NAT space-based ADS-B operational trials due to begin this year and share insights about how these trials are playing a critical role in preparing industry stakeholders for a fully-operational Aireon system. Speakers will preview preliminary data quality and unpack the safety benefits of leveraging space-based ADS-B technology-- with an emphasis on meeting the NAT Target Level of Safety, reducing aircraft separation, expanding route flexibility, increasing in fuel savings, improving predictability for long-range air traffic management and more. Join NAV CANADA and NATS to learn more about the NAT Operational Trials and what’s next for the deployment of space-based ADS-B.

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14.10 – 16.10 AeroMACS 2019

Title: AeroMACS Worldwide Updates

Speakers: ANA - Aeroportos de Portugal, Aviation Data Communication Corporation (ADCC), Avicom Japan, DigiCert, Honeywell, Leonardo, Powertech Labs, RIOgaleao, Sectigo, Siemens, and Telrad Networks

Abstract: Major airports throughout the world lack the communications capacity to meet today’s airport traffic demands. Aeronautical Mobile Airport Communication System (AeroMACS) operates in the protected and licensed aviation spectrum band from 5091 MHz to 5150 MHz to support the increasing need for data communications and information sharing on the airport surface for both fixed and mobile applications. It creates a new airport surface data communication system that is robust, efficient, secure, safe, and flexible. The presentations will evolve towards the latest developments, worldwide deployments and applications, security through the WiMAX Forum Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Policy, Cybersecurity and other topics. Speakers have been invited to discuss AeroMACS deployments in Brazil, China, Japan, Portugal, the United States and other places.

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16.20 – 16.40 Rohde & Schwarz

Title: ATC Voice Quality Assurance in IP Networks - Ensuring ED136 Compliance 

Speakers: Jindrich Slavik, Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG, Dr. Michael Wallbaum, Voipfuture GmbH

Abstract: Perfect voice quality is important for safe flight management. Since IP networks are dynamic and typically shared by different services, quality may degrade at any time. VoIP deployments within enterprises and telecommunications service providers have shown that real-time VoIP monitoring is essential to ensure proper voice quality by alarming operations and enabling effective root cause analysis. Rohde & Schwarz has adapted a carrier-grade VoIP quality assurance system for use in ATC communications to help ANSPs meet regulatory requirements. Initial ANSP deployments prove the need for such a system and show its advantages.
16.50 – 17.10 Sopra Steria

Title: The Digital U-Space: Paving the Way for New Partnerships with Cities to Deploy Sustainable Urban Air Mobility

Speakers: Didier Bosque, Sopra Steria; Jean-Claude Dardelet, Toulouse Metropole 

Abstract: New opportunities around cities drive the emergence of UAV related innovative services. The economic and industrial fabrics have to adapt for the arrival of new decisive actors to carry out the future challenges for ATM and U-Space in terms of Urban Air Mobility (UAM). As a key enabler to unprecedented partnerships and solutions that fulfill the needs of this complex and fast evolving environment, the “Digital U-Space” defines itself as a cornerstone of a sustainable, safe, and secured sky of tomorrow. This presentation will address three key questions: How partnerships between ATM and city stakeholders pave the way for operations? What are the stakes for a sustainable UAM through the lenses of cities and ATM/U-Space actors? How does “Digital U-Space” propose to address the challenges regarding technology, services, and UAM use cases?
17.20 – 17.40 Leosphere

Title: Novel Lidar-based Solutions for Increasing Airport Capacity and for Mitigating Wind Shears

Speaker: Ludovic Thobois

Abstract: Over the last decade, the number of installations of Scanning Doppler Lidar systems at airports has significantly increased. These sensors are now part of global weather awareness systems, as well as global solutions for ATM optimization. The Windcube scanning Doppler Lidar from LEOSPHERE is a versatile and operational equipment used for the mitigation of various wind hazards at airports, such as wind shear events and wake turbulence. It can also be used for any type of wind study at an airport. The presentation will highlight two recent projects showing the benefits of deploying such sensors at airports. Firstly, in 2018, four Windcube 200S-AT units have been installed in Hong Kong airport for the measurement of wake vortex induced by the aircrafts during take-off and landing phases, in order to support the implementation of RECAT-EU new distance separation scheme. This will allow significant increase in the airport capacity. This project has been gathering worldwide wake turbulence experts from NATS, EUROCONTROL and LEOSPHERE. Secondly, a Windcube 400S-AT has also been deployed in combination with other sensors as part of a global solution at Palermo airport in Italy for the measurements of wind shears. Combined with VAISALA IRIS data processing and visualization software as well as AVIMET, the solution generates automatic wind shear alerts in real-time. Some wind shear events will be further detailed.

Thursday, 14 March, 2019

10.30 – 10.50 Enaire

Title: ENAIRE: A Pioneering Strategy for Single Sky Communications

Speaker: Angel Crespo, ENAIRE

Abstract: Communications play a critical role in an ATC environment and even more in the Single Sky scenario. ENAIRE, which has traditionally been a pioneer ANSP in this field, has designed a strategy to meet the goals of this new paradigm. Some of the most relevant pillars of such strategy are: wide implementation of VoIP in a smooth and safe manner, migration from current aeronautical messaging system to SWIM infrastructure guaranteeing compatibility between these two worlds, evolution of national and pan-European ground-ground IP networks (REDAN and PENS, respectively) towards new generation networks which will increase the performance and, finally, leading the evolution to future of datalink services.

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