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Sunhillo Corporation
Stand: 807
444 Kelley Drive
West Berlin
United States

T: + 1 856 7677676

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Product Categories

  • Drone/UAV technology
  • Flight Data Processing Systems
  • Ground - Ground ATC Data Networks
  • Software
  • Surveillance Systems (including Radar)

Press Releases

products to be displayed

(RICI 5000) Real-time Interface & Conversion Item
Sunhillo’s Real-Time Interface & Conversion Item (RICI) 5000 is a versatile and modular platform designed for surveillance sensor data formatting, filtering, and protocol conversions.
2U Radar & ADS-B Monitoring Systems Tactical Kit
The 2U Radar & ADS-B Monitoring System (RAMS) Tactical Kit combines Sunhillo’s proven and deployed Margate II ADS-B Receiver and Antenna with the RICI 5000 and Surveillance Monitoring System (SMS) and packages the system into a portable tactical kit. The RAMS tactical kit provides Situational Awareness and real time tracking of all aircraft (Fixed-wing, Helicopters, UAS) displayed on a high powered Laptop with the ability to utilize Primary and Secondary Radar feeds coupled with ADS-B.
Brigantine Surveillance Gateway Processor (SGP)
Sunhillo’s Brigantine Surveillance Gateway Processor (SGP) is a dedicated 1U communication platform running Sunhillo’s SureLine® software and is designed to address the increasing requirements of new IP based systems for LAN to LAN surveillance sensor data formatting, content filtering, and protocol conversions.
UAS-Connector (UAS-C)
The UAS-C can track UAV's of all sizes without the use of Radar or ADS-B. The UAS-C connects to the UAS ground control system (GCS) and converts the positional data from the UAS into a radar or an ADS-B message using our proprietary software. This message can then be sent to ATC or a local command center and displayed with other radar and ADS-B targets for situational awareness.


  • Surveillance
  • Radar
  • ADS-B
  • UAS
  • Conversion


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