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1750 Tysons Blvd Ste 1150
United States

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Aireon has deployed a space-based air traffic surveillance system for Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) equipped aircraft throughout the entire globe. Aireon is harnessing next-generation aviation surveillance technologies that are currently ground-based and, for the first time ever, extend their reach globally to significantly improve efficiency, enhance safety, reduce emissions and provide cost savings benefits to all stakeholders. Real-time ADS-B surveillance now covers oceanic, polar and remote regions, as well as augment existing ground-based systems that are limited to terrestrial airspace. In partnership with leading ANSPs from around the world, like NAV CANADA, the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA), Enav, NATS and Naviair, as well as Iridium Communications, Aireon provides a global, real-time, space-based air traffic surveillance system to all aviation stakeholders. For more information about Aireon, please visit www.aireon.com. For more information about Aireon, visit www.aireon.com.

Case Studies

  • Title: IAA Case Study
    Description: Following the implementation of the European ADS-B mandate in June 2020, space-based ADS-B will be utilised by the IAA to rationalise radar infrastructure, with a layer of terrestrial surveillance, supported by space-based ADS-B, thus significantly reducing the cost of providing air traffic surveillance in Irish airspace.
  • Title: ATNS Case Study
    Description: Once space-based ADS-B is operational, ATNS can distribute the data through the region on the existing Southern African Development Community (SADC) and NAFISAT (VSAT-based connection among Southern African ANSPs) networks, from where the data could be merged with the legacy, ground-based surveillance and air traffic management systems. ATNS (and other ANSPs) can apply the data either as an independent autonomous or complementary contributing or redundant source of surveillance, to mitigate issues that may arise with existing ground based surveillance systems such as ground-based ADS-B sensors, rotating radars and telecommunications lines.
  • Title: Naviair Case Study
    Description: Aireon’s space-based ADS-B service will be completely independent from Naviair’s current air traffic surveillance infrastructure. It will add a layer of redundancy to Naviair’s surveillance capability that does not exist today. Space-based ADS-B will be utilized in contingency situations where either critical resources in the current system are completely or partially missing or when the data from current sources is malfunctioning.
  • Title: CAAS Case Study
    Description: The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) will integrate Aireon's space-based ADS-B data with those from the existing surveillance sensors. The space-based ADS-B data will serve as an independent and separate source of surveillance data over the Singapore FIR, to complement the existing data.
  • Title: NAV CANADA Case Study
    Description: NAV CANADA will implement Aireon initially in its North Atlantic operations. Using the real-time surveillance data and the current communication capabilities in the North Atlantic, the initial goal is to apply 15NM longitudinal and lateral separation between surveillance-identified aircraft flying anywhere in the North Atlantic.
  • Title: ENAV Case Study
    Description: Enav will use space-based ADS-B and merge the data with legacy, ground-based surveillance systems. This will allow Enav to optimize multiple surveillance layers. The space-based ADS-B data, coming from Italian and neighboring airspace, will be added to the communication network (E-NET). Enav will then have an independent and redundant source of surveillance, to mitigate issues that may arise with existing ground structure surveillance systems such as ground-based ADS-B sensors, rotating radars and telecommunications lines.


  • ADS-B
  • Air Traffic Surveillance
  • Space-Based
  • Global
  • Tracking


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