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Stand: 849
Piazza Monte Grappa 4

T: + 39 06 32473764

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Leonardo provides integrated technologies that support safe and sustainable air traffic management Leonardo, one of the world’s leading Aerospace, Defense and Security companies, is exhibiting its air traffic management technologies at the World ATM Congress, highlighting how the company can support the present and future needs of passengers and operators. Over 200 airports in 110 countries already employ Leonardo ATC technologies, which include primary and secondary radars, weather sensors, control centres, communication, navigation, surveillance and cyber solutions. These systems ensure continuity of operations in every phase of flight and can also reduce environmental impacts via enabling technologies such as AI, Big Data, Machine Learning and Augmented Reality. Among the capabilities on display at the exhibition are LeadInSky, Leonardo’s latest-generation ATC solution. LeadInSky can operate in complex scenarios while meeting stringent international requirements. The company will also be highlighting radar sensor solutions, navigation aid systems, an innovative workstation designed in accordance

Products to be displayed

SKIRON3D® is a high-end, state-of-the-art Doppler lidar system ideally suited to measure winds and detect hazardous wind phenomena such as wind shear, gusts, turbulence, and microbursts. SKIRON3D® provides all capabilities to meet the requirements for these applications. Together with our METEOR 60DX weather radar and an LLWAS system, SKIRON3D® constitutes Leonardo’s solution for an all-weather, three-dimensional detection of hazards that pose serious threats to aviation. Leonardo’s proprietary wind lidar system offers a cost-effective and modular design featuring maximum use of COTS components and a high number of LRUs (Line-Replaceable Units) and sub-LRUs for low-cost spare parts. Special features such as a proprietary designed scanner without slip rings, air-knife no-contact optical window cleaning, and an integrated camera for lidar northing using the sun, moon, or a fixed target reflect the latest findings from research and technology. Contact: LEONARDO Germany GmbH info@leonardogermany.com www.leonardogermany.com



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