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Stand: 305
Genova 11, 2D

T: + 34 639562502

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DataBeacon We lead the aviation industry in providing AI applications for ATC. We develop digital assistants for operations in aviation by deploying state-of-the-art cloud infrastructures, data management systems and machine learning solutions. Come visit DataBeacon to experience how a digital assistants complement your existing systems to improve safety, unlock capacity and reduce operating costs.


  • Title: Datascience.aero newsletter
    Description: DataScience.aero blog and newsletter covers the state of the art in applying artificial intelligence in aviation, including data science, machine learning, data engineering, cloud computing and data security. DataScience.aero also covers how human factors, environmental developments and information security will push AI solutions to deployment in the next years. DataScience.aero is curated by DataBeacon.aero and Innaxis.aero, with recognized background in the AI field and top leaders in R&D and implementation of data solutions in the aviation field.

Products to be displayed

Victor5 is a Digital Assistant for Air Traffic Controllers and uses multiple data sets and real time ADS-B surveillance data to automatically display conflicting traffic, non-conflicting traffic, capturing controller separation and optimisation instructions, and providing operations room supervisors with predictive information on traffic complexity and workload, all delivered through an interactive tablet and a modern UI using state-of-the-art HMI technologies. Victor5 is powered by a ATC Digital Twin engine, Level5, driven by big data analytics and machine learning. In our initial product version, Victor5 is focused on supporting the ACC Operations Room Supervisor by providing predicted workload and traffic complexity based on conflict predictions that compliments existing sector and route traffic counts to help the supervisor identify needs to adjust the sector configuration and re-allocate controllers according to changes in traffic demand and complexity.


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Digitalization
  • Cloud computing
  • environment
  • Machine Learning


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