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Reliability. Security. Innovation. As one of the world's leading VCS & radio manufacturers and turnkey system integrators, Rohde&Schwarz is a trusted partner for your air traffic communications needs. At WATMC, we will showcase our latest quad-redundant voice communications system, which offers ATC-grade system availability. This fully IP-based architecture enables best practice operational concepts such as virtual control centers, where multiple locations are connected to a larger airspace. When it is used in combination with our latest air traffic direction finding solution, which highlight the location of the incoming radio call on the radar screen, the controller benefits from enhanced situational awareness. In Madrid, Rohde&Schwarz will launch the world’s first ATC voice quality assurance solution for reliable operations of VoIP networks. Visit our booth and see innovative cybersecurity solutions for ATC networks as well as mobile and portable T&M solutions for high-precision field testing of ground-based augmentation systems (GBAS).

Product Categories

  • Communications - Data-Link
  • Communications - Voice
  • Communications Control (including voice switching)
  • Cyber Security
  • Drone/UAV technology
  • Ground - Based Navigational Aids
  • Radios
  • Surveillance Systems (including Radar)

Press Releases

products to be displayed

R&S®VCS-4G IP-Based Voice Communications System
The R&S®VCS-4G IP-based voice communications system is a flexible and cost-effective solution for all ATC voice communications needs. It meets established requirements for availability, reliability and safety in ATC as well as the growing need for dynamic ATC scenarios with network-based sharing and distribution of operational resources. Built on state-of-the-art, future-ready technology, the R&S®VCS-4G ensures protection of investment and also provides next-generation ATC features, such as a virtual center and “ATC in the trusted cloud”.
R&S®Series4200 Software Defined Radios
The R&S®Series4200 represents the latest generation of stationary radios for both civil and military air traffic control. Possible applications range from small airport emergency systems requiring only a few radio channels to countrywide communications systems with several hundred radio channels.
The R&S®EVSG1000 is a battery powered portable signal level and modulation analyzer specifically designed for commissioning and servicing terrestrial ground equipment and for analyzing ATC COM signals. The instrument’s high accuracy and measurement speed, robust mechanical design and integrated battery make it ideal for high-precision measurements in the field. The new R&S®EVSG-K4 and R&S®EVSG-K5 software options allow to test the VHF data broadcast (VDB) of GBAS and SCAT-I ground-based satellite navigation systems. The content of all timeslots (A to H) is analyzed and synchronized using an external PPS signal. For each timeslot, the instrument measures all important GBAS and SCAT-I parameters. Both options enable verifications and measurements of GBAS/SACT-I installations on the ground and in the air (flight inspection). In addition to the demodulation and display of the GBAS/SCAT-I - specific data (e.g. FAS DB), the R&S®EVSG-K4 and R&S®EVSG-K5 measures burst level and frequency offset of the signal.
R&S DF-ATC-S direction finding system
Raising standards in air traffic safety. With this new generation of ATC direction finders, Rohde & Schwarz sets a milestone in its long-standing expertise in this technology. R&S DF-ATC-S direction finding systems raise standards in air traffic safety by increasing the controller’s situational awareness. This extra sense uncovers readback errors and reduces the probability of confusion when aircraft have similar call signs. Even in times when traffic is dense, they ensure a clearer situation picture. These powerful and reliable systems can support multiple air traffic controllers in parallel. The scalable R&S DF-ATC-S direction finding systems are simple to install and easy to integrate into existing ATM systems. Four standardized systems are available for minor airfields, large airports, military airbases and area control centers.


  • VCS
  • Radiocommunications
  • Network security
  • Direction finder
  • GBAS


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