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RAMET a.s.
Stand: 1221
Letecka 1110
Kunovice (okres Uherské Hradište)
Czech Republic

T: + 420 572 415263

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Company profile

RAMET a.s. is a Czech-based company with over 60 years of experience in the field of radar technology. It specializes in design, development and manufacturing of special antenna systems, antenna mechanical parts, pedestals and other ATC-related products. Possession of its own manufacturing premises and design capabilities, unique production technologies, state-of-the art machine equipment, far-field antenna range and other equipment for measurement/testing purposes allows to fully implement projects by company internal strength, following the products from the very beginning up to their commissioning on site. A high level of RAMET team expertise and flexibility enables to provide customised solutions, meeting customer requirements. The company supplies its products to ATC-oriented market leaders worldwide. Besides ATC business, RAMET is also active in the market of law enforcement products, in particular traffic speed cameras.

Product Categories

  • Meteorological Equipment
  • Remote Maintenance Monitoring
  • Antenna
  • Surveillance Systems (including Radar)
  • ATC Towers/Mobile Control Towers




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