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Via Tiburtina, 1020

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Product Categories

  • ATC Towers/Mobile Control Towers
  • Communications - Voice
  • Consoles
  • Drone/UAV technology
  • Satellite Navigation Networks
  • Simulators
  • Software
  • Surveillance Systems (including Radar)

Press Releases

products to be displayed

3D TWR-SIM - 3D ToWer SIMulator - is an air traffic simulator developed by Vitrociset, based on the ATRES (Air Traffic Environment Simulator) engine. This simulator can create a totally immersive reproduction of the view from an airport control tower, enabling air traffic controllers to be trained in a highly realistic simulated scenario, and instructors to test the ability of the student in standard, complex and unconventional scenarios (e.g. faults, aircraft fires, SAR procedures, adverse weather conditions and visibility).
AMSS - Automatic Message Switching System - is Vitrociset’s integrated solution for ATS message switching on AMHS, AFTN and CIDIN networks. The AMSS system operates on the store and forward principle and in accordance with the relevant ICAO recommendations. The architecture is fault tolerant, in a master/hot-standby configuration. Every critical component is redundant so, in the event of failure, the twin element automatically takes over. The system is configured on Linux/Intel with Oracle databases.
ATRES - Air Traffic Environment Simulator - is a modern simulation system developed by Vitrociset that can generate the controlled navigation of aircraft. This solution is designed to meet the training needs of air traffic controllers and to validate and verify ATC automation systems.
AWAS - Anemometric Wind-Shear Alarm System - is designed and manufactured entirely by Vitrociset. This system supports the surveillance activities of pilots and ATC by real-time monitoring of Wind-Shear conditions and when necessary, raising the alarm at the airport. Wind-Shear, an atmospheric phenomenon marked by sudden changes in wind direction and intensity, is a frequent cause of accidents at take-off and landing or during low altitude flight. It thus needs to be monitored continuously to ensure the safety of operations at airports exposed to it, mainly because of the orological configuration.
AWOS - Automated Weather Observing System - is Vitrociset’s solution for the management of airport meteorological information. AWOS collects data from weather stations and sensors located near airports. It processes them according to ICAO and WMO standards and sends them in real time to weather operators and airport stakeholders. The system interfaces with the airport’s data networks and is configured as a single comprehensive source of weather data, providing functions for the preparation and sending of OPMET bulletins either automatically or semi-manually.
IANS - Integrated Air Navigation System - is an integrated platform for the presentation, management and real-time monitoring of air traffic control information and assistance systems. IANS brings together ATC and weather data from multiple systems in a single console, correlating significant events, supporting ATM staff with a single, flexible, ergonomic and complete auxiliary position.
The Mobile Control Tower is the system designed by Vitrociset to ensure ATC services in the absence or operational unavailability of permanent infrastructure. A primary function of the ATC organizations (military or civil) is to promote the safe, orderly and expeditious flow of air traffic at the aerodromes. ATC services may be provided utilizing permanent facilities but sometimes permanent ATC facilities should not be in existence, or be unsuitable for ATC operations: the solution is the Mobile Control Tower system, able to assure a safe and fast Air Traffic Control.
RVR - Runway Visual Range - is a Vitrociset system that uses a network of sensors to acquire a runway’s visibility measurements, such as MOR (Meteorological Optical Range), background luminance and AVL. RVR processes the data collected by calculating the RVR value in the touchdown area and in the middle and end points of the runway. The information calculated, along with the averages for one, five and ten minutes and the detection of any signs of discontinuity, are provided in real time to ATM operators and airport stakeholders and are distributed throughout the data network to other aeronautical information management systems.


  • Mobile Control Tower
  • Airport Solutions
  • Airport Security
  • Cyber Security
  • Meteorological Systems


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