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Stand: 1141 UM
Rafael Boti, 2

T: + 34 619 386634

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Company profile

UMILES Group, founded in 2016, is a leader company dedicated to unmanned aerial systems with national and international presence. It is based in Spain, Mexico and Croatia; and has operations in more than 10 countries on four continents. It counts with three divisions: 1. UMILES UAV, operates six business lines providing 360º customized professionals services in Spain and throughout the world. Operation, training, development, entertainment, filming and management of unmanned systems are some of the core activities. 2. 4uJet, business aviation, a reduced-scale executive company offering short distance services to transport both passengers and organs for transplants. 3. UMILES Next. The expertise among the group together with Tecnalia, our technological partner, has enable us to enter into the design of urban mobility through UMILES Next to become a world leader in advanced, efficient and sustainable mobility solutions. Applications for aerials operators, as well as ground ones. An exciting adventure for

Product Categories

  • AAM/UAM Advanced Air Mobility/Urban Air Mobility
  • Drones - Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)
  • Expodronica Pavilion




  • Title: UMILES returns to World ATM Congress as Expodrónica sponsor
    Description: UMILES Group, Spain’s leading provider of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) services, is to attend the World ATM Congress once again this year as sponsor of the Expodrónica pavilion, a unique space dedicated solely to Advanced Air Mobility (AAM). The UMILES stand, spanning 200 sqm, will showcase a disruptive take on advanced, sustainable, efficient ground and air mobility solutions deployed through the group company UMILES Next, together with its technology partner Tecnalia. The stand will also display the company’s expertise in unmanned aircrafts featuring 360° services through UMILES UAVs. After launching the first 100% Spanish air taxi last year, UMILES Next, continues to enhance and develop its aircraft designs, based on its patented flight stability system, FlyFree technology, which provides maximum stability and safety for both passenger and freight transport and will be debuted at Expodrónica.
  • Title: UMILES Group at the World ATM Congress: The new air taxi prototype and the latest advances in UAV services

Case Studies

  • Title: Business cases for air taxis in the skies and over the cities of Europe

Products to be displayed

CONCEPT INTEGRITY The first aerotaxi with 100% Spanish technology, development and manufacturing. The prototype has been designed by a team of many multidisciplinary professionals. Concept Integrity represents a developmental milestone in the ground-breaking concepts of air mobility and integration of advanced aerial mobility (AAM). This “drone of drones” prototype has been designed by Tecnalia, Spain’s largest technological R&D center. UMILES Next acquired the patent with the goal of establishing a strong, long-term relationship to continue developing the Urban Mobility sector With FlyFree Technology, composed by an aerodynamic cabin propelled by four drones placed at the top and bottom that allow the cabin to move. Thanks to an advanced control system, the drones move independently and decoupled from the cabin's rotation angles, but coordinated with each other, which favours aerodynamic efficiency, stability, precision and controllability of the cabin
The Integrity 3 is a short to medium-range eVTOL featuring FlyFree technology built up from the proven UMILES Next Concept aircrafts and sized for a smaller initial market. Manned aircraft with more autonomy and more capacity. Maximum stability thanks to FlyFree technology Maximum speed 220km/h. Operational range 125k. Passengers: 2 pax + 1 pilot. Payload 300kg Executive and tourist operations UMILES FlyFree technology is a patended stability system that allows for stable flight in adverse conditions. Control system compensates in realtime, stable payload. Results in stability throughout all phases of the flight and in all operational conditions.


  • UAVS


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