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T-CZ, a.s.
Stand: 1139
Na Strzi 241/28 Manufacturing Plant: Delnicka 475, 530 03 Pardubice, Czech Republic
Praha 4
Czech Republic
Czech Republic

T: + +420 466 034508

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Product Categories

  • Precision Landing Systems
  • Antenna
  • Surveillance Systems (including Radar)


products to be displayed

The ADS-B system is used as a supplementary data source for commonly used secondary radars or multilateration systems. Its function is based on airborne equipment which uses GPS for the determination of its own position, and subsequently automatically transmits position coordinates and other data to the control centre.
Precision approach radar RP-6PA
The RP-6PA precision approach radar is equipped with the latest technologies. The radar provides comprehensive information necessary for precise control of all types of aircraft for landing – the information about accurate aircraft position, and current deviation from the required descent path in azimuth and elevation.
Precision approach radar RP-5GI
The RP-5GI precision approach radar operating in the X frequency band is a modernised radar system ensuring complete radar information necessary for the control of precise approach manoeuvres of all aircraft types.
LVA Antenna
The T-CZ Large Vertical Aperture antenna designed for MSSR systems is suitable for all climatic conditions without a radome. Antenna comprises 34 vertical radiating columns operating within an open reflector screen. Each column is protected with UV stabilized surface ABS radome for long term environmental durability. The antenna provides independent Interrogate & Monopulse SUM, Side Lobe Suppression (SLS) and Monopulse Difference (DIFF) azimuth patterns, each having a broad fan beam in elevation and sharp roll-off to provide excellent system performance and to reduce ground illumination.


  • Radar Systems
  • Surveillance Radars
  • Precision Approach Radars
  • ADS-B Systems
  • Monitoring Systems


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