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Stand: 1398
575 Florida Street Suite 150
San Francisco
United States

T: + 1 415 356-3400

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Company profile

Spire Global Inc. is a space to cloud analytics company that utilizes proprietary satellite data and algorithms to provide the most advanced maritime, aviation, and weather tracking in the world. Spire’s data analytics is backed by a wholly owned and developed constellation of nanosatellites, global ground station network, and 24/7 operations that provide real-time global coverage of every point on Earth. To learn more, visit: www.spire.com

Product Categories

  • Aeronautical Information Systems (AIS)
  • Airfield Operations
  • Displays
  • Flight Data Processing Systems
  • Ground - Based Navigational Aids
  • Meteorological Equipment
  • Satellite Navigation Networks
  • Surveillance Systems (including Radar)

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products to be displayed

Spire LEMUR 2 Nanosatellite
The Low Earth Multi-Use Receiver (LEMUR) is Spire's 3U CubeSat platform used to track maritime, aviation, and weather activity from space. Today, each 10x10x34.5 cm LEMUR is designed, built, and operated in-house by Spire. Less than 5kg, the LEMUR is powered by a deployable solar array, flying at 400-650 km in orbit for about 2 years. As of July 2018, each LEMUR carries an AIS, GNSS-RO, and ADS-B receiver.


  • ADSB
  • Flight Safety
  • Surveillance
  • Satellite
  • Data


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