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Stand: 448
220 Valley Creek Blvd Suite 401
United States

T: + 8339663759729

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Company profile

OneSky is a global UTM company developing airspace assessment, operations, and traffic management solutions for the aviation industry. Our goal is to harmonize the sky - ensuring safe, efficient, and scalable access to all airspace users. We take a robust and long-term approach to UTM, envisioning the challenges ahead as traffic management is unified for all operators. By working with all stakeholders - drone operators, drone manufacturers, and airspace authorities - we understand the unique challenges of this ecosystem and serve the critical needs of the community. Learn more at https://onesky.xyz.

Product Categories

  • Software
  • AAM/UAM Advanced Air Mobility/Urban Air Mobility
  • Drones - Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)
  • Drones - Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM)

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Products to be displayed

OneSky UTM
OneSky's UTM System is an enterprise-ready solution with flexible deployment options. It is designed for national authorities to manage UAS traffic in an integrated airspace while ensuring regulatory compliance and safety of flight operations. The framework was designed to support UAS/pilot registration, flight plan management, airspace analytics, flight tracking, and collision avoidance.
OneSky UTM
With the increasing complexity of airspace rules and regulations for small UAS and drone operators, there is an ever-increasing need for pilots to be able to quickly and easily understand the operating restrictions and impacting conditions that may be present. The OneSky UTM platform provides up-to-date airspace awareness while providing flight safety metrics to enhance pilots’ understanding of other operational risks such as anticipated weather conditions and anticipated GPS performance.



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