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Stand: 460
TT Vasumweg 150

T: + 31 20 7500220

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Products to be displayed

Voice Switch TCS990
The TCS990 digital switch is designed for traffic controllers who guard critical situations around the clock. The design is the result of over twenty years experience in Voice Switches. The switch supports external IP-networks, Telecom networks, remote line interfaces and a variety of consoles. Our powerful Content Management System (CMSpro) makes installation, control and maintenance effortless.
Console TCP995
The TCP995 is the 12.1” console in the wide range of consoles that MEP is offering. This modern console is ideal for panel mounted use in main or backup systems that require a reliable, easy and maintenance free solution. It can be used in combination with our TCS990 switch or as a standalone solution using IP connected ED137 radios and SIP telephony. The ergonomic and fast GUI is very flexible and can easily be tailored to your specific needs. The product is designed with the latest techniques, such as capacitive touch. The brightness is 1000 cd/m2
Console TDP995
The TDP995 is a 7 inch touch screen operating panel. This 7 inch control panel is designed to help traffic managers maintain maximum focus on their work. The communication of the radio, as well as telephony and PA system, can take place through this modern designed control panel. All relevant connections such as 2 external speakers, 1 external microphone, a foot bar, voice logging and 2 x Ethernet and 1 x E1 are present. Optionally, a goose neck can be mounted.
Console STP995 RED
This complete console has a built-in microphone, speaker, 2 volume controls and a PTT button. This console is often used in smaller airports or last resort systems.
Ed137 Gateway CRU995
ED-137 Gateway De CRU995 Gateway increases the lifespan of existing products during the implementation of ED-137. The CRU995 module was designed as an efficient, less expensive remote IP/4 wire E&M interface, for a maximum of 4 transmitters, receivers and/or transmitters-receivers. The CRU995 module allows users to use E&M transmitters/receivers in VOIP networks. The CRU995 module support the ATC ED137 IP/SIP standard. This makes the CRU995 very suitable to use in ED137 migration procedures / processes on airports. Existing analogue transmitters and receivers can connect to ED-137 products. Or ED-137 transmitters and receivers can be connected with existing Communication Systems via the CRU995.


  • Voice Communication System
  • Air Traffic Control
  • ED137 Gateway
  • Operator working position
  • Voice Communication Switch


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