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Stand: 304
4909 Nautilus Court North Suite 110
United States

T: + 1 303 5397583

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Radiometrics Corporation (RDX) of Boulder, Colorado, offers SkyCast®- an integrated wind and thermodynamic profiling system that includes all needed instrumentation and feature-rich data analysis, display and automated alerts software. SkyCast provides continuous boundary layer wind, temperature, vapor and liquid profiles. Weather Decision Support Systems, International (WDSS) offers VizAir™ - a decision support software suite developed specifically for SkyCast. Radiometrics manufactures, installs and services remote sensing systems that deliver continuous wind, temperature, humidity and liquid atmospheric profiles. The Radiometrics product line includes RAPTOR® radar wind profilers, the MP-Series thermodynamic (temperature, humidity and liquid) profiling microwave radiometers, acoustic wind profilers (sodars), and fully integrated SkyCast® total wind and thermodynamic profiling solutions. For over 30 years, Radiometrics has provided hundreds of customers worldwide with remote sensing systems that incorporate reliable and accurate electronics, innovative software tools, and unmatched technical support. Our suite of instruments and integrated solutions keep you Ahead of the Weather™.

products to be displayed

Radiometrics SkyCast System
SkyCast with VizAir Wind Shear Alert and decision support software. System also provides wind, temperature, humidity and liquid boundary layer profiles.
VizAir Decision Support Software
VizAir Software suite includes: • VizAir Launchpad dashboard that displays user alerts and provides easy access to additional applications. • Integrated Wind Shear Alerting System is an algorithm and alerting suite that detects shear of the horizontal winds according to FAA or ICAO standards for non-convective wind shear, and provides alerts based on user-defined alerting thresholds. • Fog Detection and Trending System is an algorithm and alerting suite that detects fog and analyzes trend information to estimate burn off rates. • Inversion Detection and Trending System is an algorithm and alerting suite that detects inversions and analyzes trend information to estimate dissipation times. • Nowcast Product Generator is software package which is responsible for data integration, database generation, algorithmic processing, data archiving, and playback. • VizAir Display is the primary visualization software for examining integrated data and evaluating alerts. • Sounding Toolkit software allows for the visualization and comprehensive interrogation of sounding data using the Universal Rawinsonde Observation program


  • weather
  • wind shear
  • wind measurement
  • fog forecasting
  • lightning detection


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