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Saipher ATC
Stand: 1103

T: + 55 12 39334080

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Company profile

Saipher ATC is a Brazilian technology company specialized in solutions for air traffic management and control. Since 1998, the company has been a leader in aeronautical technology and was one of the first to introduce Electronic Flight Progress Strips (EFPS) to air traffic control towers, whose solution has been used by over 150 airport facilities throughout Brazil. In its twenty-year history, Saipher ATC has developed systems to optimize the processes surrounding airport operations, traffic flow management, and airport statistical reporting. The company has pioneered real-time monitoring of air traffic control and their solutions have resulted in better planning across the entire airport operations spectrum. Currently, Saipher ATC is upgrading several airport facilities to a more modern and flexible version of its system called TATIC® System.

Product Categories

  • Airfield Operations
  • ATC Towers/Mobile Control Towers
  • Flight Data Processing Systems
  • Ground - Ground ATC Data Networks
  • Software


  • Title: News Letter - Saipher ATC
    Description: It's a brief presentation of the Saipher ATC.

products to be displayed

TATIC APRON is an automated module designed to keep track of airport resources on and around airport parking aprons. It provides an interactive map, which can display several parking aprons at once, without the use of a mouse or a keyboard. TATIC APRON’s touchscreen operation dramatically enhances productivity in tracking, monitoring and managing aircraft movement in and out of parking aprons. All data relating to parking positions are automatically saved, such as “block on” or “block off” times, aircraft registration, aircraft type, as well as wingspan conflict. It enables managers to keep track of assets and generate reports on all aspects of apron activity, including administrative billing and operational planning.
TATIC FLOW is a web-based air traffic management tool which allows ATFMU (Air Traffic Flow Management Unit) stakeholders to monitor the real-time status of flights in different airports, simultaneously or individually, by using data supplied by TATIC TWR to accurately forecast departing and arriving traffic throughout the system, thereby reducing delays and enhancing safety. TATIC FLOW is a key component of the Saipher ATC’s TATIC® System. Together with TATIC TWR and TATIC APRON, they form the foundation of Saipher ATC’s Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) process, which makes available critical information on aircraft movement to all airport stakeholders, in real time.
TATIC TWR control and management system is a powerful digital tool designed to replace old paper Flight Strips and assist controllers by reducing their workload with safer, faster and more efficient Electronic Flight Progress Strips (EFPS). TATIC TWR is hugely flexible and will adapt to meet the specific needs of any tower operation, regardless of the intensity of traffic flow, operational procedures or particular local requirements. A database stores all TATIC TWR managed information on a high-performance server, which can be accessed by any department equipped with any of the TATIC® FAMILY’s software. It provides easy access for tower and airport management to search and compile data for reports, research and to support operational decisions.
The TATIC APP is the module of the TATIC® suite Solution responsible for the management of electronic strips for procedural approach controls (conventional APP without RADAR) or APP RADAR not having an electronic strips system. It encompasses several proven features in the TATIC TWR module with respect to the management of the strips, access, workflow, automatic processes, technical functionalities and integrations to the aeronautical messaging network. However, it shows specific additional tools for approach control bodies. The system works with mouse, keyboard and touchscreen commands, and the latter provides a lot of agility to the use of the system. The TATIC APP can work either integrated into the TATIC TWR system as well as in the stand-alone mode. When integrated into the TATIC TWR system, it is capable to provide a strategic view of the local traffic movement, greatly facilitating the work of the air traffic controller.


  • EFPS
  • Electronic Flight Strip
  • ATC
  • Brazil
  • Saipher


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