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Stand: 367
2 Avenue de la Butte aux Cailles

T: + 33 5 59585500

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TELERAD is a french company whose mission is to manufacture and provide radiocommunication systems for air traffic control (ATC). TELERAD offers the following different solutions: Radiocommunication systems: Ground-to-air radios (VHF, UHF, V/UHF), Antennas, supervision systems - Expertise & Services R&D: Specific products design upon request - Turnkey communication systems: Supervision, installation, Training, Maintenance… The different services that the company is offering can easily satisfy your needs as TELERAD has a strong experience in the aerospace sector. In fact, they already provided radiocommunication systems to airports and worked with integrators like Honeywell, Thales, Capgemini. Recently, they worked with General Dynamics over the FAA’s project called “NEXCOM V2”. In Eurpope, they work with several civil aviations (Skeyes, Sky Guide, DGAC...), and with some armies.

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