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  • Lighting (Runway/Taxiway)
  • Remote Maintenance Monitoring
  • Software
  • ATC Towers/Mobile Control Towers
  • Communications - Data-Link



products to be displayed

I-Tower solution collects, extracts, displays and distributes decision support to the ATC Controller. ACAMS I-Tower takes signals from the related subsystem and provides the associated information (e.g. wind direction/speed etc.) in a user-friendly way on a touch-input monitor. Control of the related sub-system (e.g. RWY lights on/off) can be carried out by means of touch input directly on the monitor screen or by mouse/keyboard. Applicable systems that can be integrated into an I-Tower solution include: Airfield Lighting Control MET Info Display AWOS NavAids Status Monitoring & Control D-ATIS / VOLMET Datalink Departure Clearance Flight Data Publications Maps CAT III Status Panel Crash Alarm / Red-Telephone AFTN Display Direction Finder GPS Time Tower Cabin Task Lighting Sun Shade Control Video Surveillance Entrance Control Data logging of all system I/O Electronic Flight Strips Alarm Monitoring & Control System Integration Consoles Radio Control Panels Tower Cabin Interior
The ACAMS ATIS is a computerized ATIS/D-ATIS - VOLMET/D-VOLMET information system automatically generating a speech message from data and text input. The module is equipped with a user friendly interface allowing the message to be composed with a minimum of operator input. Parameters monitored by the system are automatically extracted from the ACAMS real time database. Other standard information is entered by simply entering the parameter values and the system will generate the complete message automatically. It is also possible to add a free text message when required. ACAMS COTS software and Hardware solutions make it easy to customise the product to small or large airports or military airfields. Range from single PC solution to fully redundant multi-workstation systems including message handling and management systems for country-wide Datalink ATIS management. The ACAMS ATIS- VOLMET may also be supplied as an integral module of a comprehensive ACAMS integrated tower system.
The Technical Control & Monitoring System, TCMS (also known as GAMS or RCMS), gathers status, failure and fault information from the ATC sub systems, performs processing and storage, and displays the information at technical operator workstations at various locations. The system can be applied for local or for regionwide monitoring and control, providing an efficient top-level maintenance management solution, ideal for complex Airport/ATM environments. The control of theses subsystems is facilitated from the same work-station and the same HMI, enabling operators to access a wide range of equipment and systems through a single interface. This reduces space in technical room, speeds up handling of alarms and faulty systems and reduce errors. The client software HMI is structured in levels allowing the user to easily view the overall status at the top level and also to be able to extract the detailed information for any sub-system by opening a lower level window.
ACAMS Airfield Lighting control and monitoring system (ALCMS) allows the user to effectively control the various airfield lighting systems including runway, approach, taxiway, stop bars, apron etc. The ACAMS ALCMS can interface any type of airfield lighting equipment. The control of several different airfield lighting systems can be integrated into a single homogeneous control panel with the ACAMS solution. The system can include monitoring of alarms related to the airfield lighting equipment and also other miscellaneous alarms. Data logging provides valuable information in the case of an incident investigation. Industrial IP-based components are used to control the current regulators and power relays of the airfield lighting system. Operator panels with COTS equipment allowing the use of the latest state of the art touch monitors thereby providing the best Human Machine Interface. Individual lamp (single lamp) control available for enhanced monitoring and control of stop-bars, lead-on lights etc.


  • ATIS
  • TCMS
  • control & monitoring
  • integrated


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