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Aerial & Maritime Ltd
Stand: 171
Niels Jernesvej 10

T: + 45 23 249513

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Company profile

Aerial & Maritime from 2019 offers a nanosatellite-based service for aircraft ADS-B tracking in a region spanning from latitudes 37 degrees North through 37 degrees South. The Aircraft tracking ability produces a maximum15 minute or less update frequency of aircraft positions. thereby enabling compliance with GADSS requirements. Aerial & Maritime is in the final stages in the development of a Nano satellite constellation with global coverage. This constellation which will be operational in 2021/22 will offer low latency Air Traffic Management Surveillance in accordance with Air Traffic Management standards thereby enabling Air Navigation Service Providers to be able to service the smallest En-Route Aircraft separation standards. This service will be certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency. By using Nano satellite technology to deliver these capabilities, the cost of deploying a global constellation is up to 75% less expensive compared to enabling the same ADS-B ATM Surveillance.

Product Categories

  • Surveillance Systems (including Radar)

Press Releases

products to be displayed

Aerial & Maritime- Starling Nanosatellite
Nano Satellite which will comprise the Space element in the Starling 3 Constellation. 108 such satellites with ADS-B and AIS reception capability and high speed interlink, which will be able to deliver low latency Aircraft Surveillance and Ship tracking data.


  • GADSS compliance
  • ADS-B Aircraft Surveillance
  • CNS standard compliance
  • EASA certification


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