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Terma A/S
Stand: 1354
Hovmarken 4

T: + 45 87 436000

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Company profile

Terma Introduces Enhanced SMR (eSMR) For the past +20 years, the traditional ground movement radar has been the primary sensor providing surveillance input for Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control Systems (A­SMGCS) with reference to e.g. the EUROCAE ED-116. The flexibility of software-defined radar systems and ad­van­ces in digital signal processing now allow for pro­cessing more information. This improves the situa­tional awareness capability significantly within the same physical envelope. Terma is the leading and preferred primary sensor supplier to non-cooperative surveillance solutions e.g. A-SMGCS. Terma’s Solid State SCANTER 5502 radar sensor is fully compliant to ICAO, EUROCAE ED-116, EUROCONTROL and WMO. Terma has recently introduced Aerodrome Traffic Awareness feature as an add-on.

Product Categories

  • Antenna
  • Ground - Based Navigational Aids
  • Surveillance Systems (including Radar)


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Case Studies

products to be displayed

SCANTER 5502 Radar
SCANTER 5502 SMR Radar
SCANTER 5502 Radar
SCANTER 5502 SMR Radar


  • SCANTER Radar
  • Radar Surveillance
  • Surface Movement Radar
  • Airport Mitigation Radar
  • Airport Surveillance Radar


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