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m-click.aero GmbH
Stand: 375
m-click.aero GmbH Am Borsigturm 40

T: + 49 30 35102536

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m-click.aero GmbH provides software solutions that address the challenges of Aeronautical Information Management. Our software components are designed to support aeronautical, weather and flight information workflows for aviation stakeholders. We enable our customers to seamlessly collaborate via SWIM API, while ensuring the high quality of exchanged data. Easy-to-start and cost-effective, the components and services from our product portfolio fully support stakeholders demand for consolidated information in "the right place at the right time" giving them the efficiency and flexibility required for future aviation IT solutions. - SWIM Data Repository, the powerful and scalable data repository for modern aviation data formats (AIXM, FIXM, IWXXM, AMXM). Accessible through WFS-TE Temporality Extension and advanced GeoJSON API - B2B Gateway for Aeronautical Data - Award winning Aeronautical Data Validation Platform - Aviation web client for situational awareness - SWIM compliance assessment - This is SWIM!


  • Aeronautical Information Management
  • Multi Remote Tower Operations
  • SWIM Compliance Assessment
  • Connected Aircraft Solutions
  • AIXM Database


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