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OHB Digital Solutions GmbH
Stand: 963
Rettenbacher Straße 22

T: + 43 316 89097119

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OHB Digital Solutions is one of the leading partners for future applications, products, technologies and services in all navigation areas. We are specialists in the field of GNSS quality assurance and GNSS signal simulation, in particular precise positioning, reliable navigation and applications in the satellite downstream market. With the know-how of our team members, we develop solutions, services and applications according to customer and market needs in the context of satellite-based navigation systems. We have the knowledge about the technology to develop your application, to account for your needs, and to solve your problems. We are the navigation experts.

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  • Title: GNSS Quality Assurance "GIDAS" at 2 European Airports
    Description: OHB Digital Solutions GmbH develops systems for the continuous monitoring of the GNSS frequency bands of navigation satellites and for the detection of intentional and unintentional interference sources. With "GIDAS”, GNSS interference signals can not only be detected, but also classified and localized, reducing the risk of degraded positioning accuracy or even failure of position or time determination. In September 2020 the first GIDAS monitoring stations were installed at the Czech airport in Brno. GIDAS reports show an average of seven GNSS interference events per day. GIDAS was able to successfully classify the signal type in 96% of the jamming cases. In this way, suitable countermeasures can be initiated and the responsible operators always have an overview of the current GNSS signal quality and the availability of the services. In May 2022 another GIDAS system was installed at the Austrian airport Graz-Thalerhof.

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Many stakeholders and applications as well as critical infrastructure providers rely on GNSS to provide their services. Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) are widely used in safety and value critical applications. In recent years, GNSS applications have become the target of intentional interference attacks, which clarifies the need for GIDAS. The system detects, classifies and localizes any GNSS interference signals and thus reduces the already existing threat of receiving worse GNSS accuracies or even denial of GNSS service. GIDAS considerably improves save and robust operation of GNSS receivers, terminals, and GNSS based applications by offering the capabilities for reliable detection, classification and localization of GNSS jamming and spoofing attacks in real time.


  • gnss quality assurance
  • gnss jamming
  • gnss spoofing
  • interference detection
  • gnss safety


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