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ALTYS Technologies
Stand: 973
7 Avenue Parmentier Central Parc 2 Bat A

T: + 33 9 88777400

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Company profile

ALTYS Technologies is a provider of advanced technologies and systems including both software and hardware solutions for the air transport industry. Headquartered in Toulouse, France, and with a US branch located in Miami, FL, the company is dedicated to designing airborne and ground communications systems, robust test and monitoring solutions, and data analytics in support to a safer, more efficient airspace use with reduced operational costs. ALTYS has been involved in some of the world’s major CNS/ATM modernization programs including SESAR in Europe and the FAA’s NextGen/Data Comm program. Our products and services include the following: Data link communication systems; Air traffic surveillance systems; Airport surface management solutions; Advanced RF equipment; ATC systems test benches; CNS monitoring solutions and services; and Big Data solutions for the air transport industry.

Product Categories

  • Consulting
  • Radios
  • Surveillance Systems (including Radar)
  • AI/AR (Artificial Intelligence/Augmented Reality)
  • Communications - Data-Link


products to be displayed

SAGA’s comprehensive Air Situation Display shows all traffic movements on the airport surface and approach areas from the existing airport radar or multilateration systems, or from other dedicated surveillance sensors such as ADS-B ground stations, video cameras or LIDAR. It additionally offers views of departures, arrivals and en-route traffic and generates alerts and notifications when unexpected or undesired conditions are encountered (aircraft overdue duration on a taxiing area or at a holding point; ground vehicle exceeding permissible speed, not marking stop as marked sections, etc.). It provides real-time Key Performance Indicators such as Runway Occupancy Time, Taxiing times, In Block / Off Block Times, surface areas utilizations, Ten Miles Out information, and many more.



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