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CS SOFT a.s.
Stand: 468
K letišti 1019/6
Prague 6
Czech Republic
161 00

T: + 420 727 915560

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Company profile

CS SOFT is a traditional, state-of-the-art provider of Air Traffic Management and General Aviation solutions. Over the past 30 years, the company has evolved from a small private Czech-based business into a dynamic European company with advanced software development methodology, extensive experience, a rich product portfolio, and successful civil and military installations on four continents. Our strong emphasis on flexibility and customer orientation enables us to deploy customized and reliable solutions, which are fully compliant with the industry recommendations and regulations, at a cost that may pleasantly surprise potential business partners. Company CS SOFT is a member of the industrial group CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP and its division CSG Aerospace.

Product Categories

  • Flight Data Processing Systems
  • Software
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Training Equipment (including Simulators)
  • Communications - Data-Link

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Products to be displayed

TCM (Traffic Complexity Manager)
TCM has been developed for LOCAL FLOW MANAGER as the main tool helping ATCO load forecasting and getting the system ready for the more efficient provision of Air Traffic Services. TCM can be fed with either NM or local FDPS data and based on Flight Plan data and capacity figures processing computes ATCO load forecast in individual logical sectors respecting current sectorization and identifies traffic demands limits.
Precise information for ground handling staff Each part of the ground handling staff needs up-to-date information about their aircraft position and current status. ”Movement” based data are not precise enough to stand the 21st-century challenges. Therefore, CS SOFT has developed a special product called RadarView which provides its users with the most accurate data.
PAGODA is a tool for monitoring the quality of Datalink communication services and simplifying data analysis. The system evaluates datalink operation, deals with troubleshooting and anomalies, and enables the user to predict various trends.
ALS Air Traffic Control System
Comprehensive and Extremely Flexible ATM Solution ALS features a unique concept parameterization, which makes this solution easily adaptable to your specific operating needs. The team of ATC experts is ready to tailor the system with full respect to your local situation and habits with all the possible comfort for your ATCOs.
CS SOFT simulators follow the concept of Hi-Fi (high fidelity). They accurately copy ATCO’s workplace (user interface, environment, communication with pseudopilots). Actual traffic and aircraft flow is simulated with great precision too, with the feasibility of dynamic correction of traffic density, meteorological data, pseudopilots intervening, etc. The system offers record and replay tools.


  • Air traffic management system
  • Custom software development services
  • Flight data processing
  • Air traffic control simulator
  • Surveillance data processing


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