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ATRAK a.s.
Stand: 468
Aviatická 1039/6
Prague 6
Czech Republic

T: + 420 720 964798

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Company profile

The ATRAK is an organisation with extensive experience in providing solutions for the Aviation Industry for over 30 years. ATRAK’s Aviation division provides the ATRAK® Suite of solutions. Company ATRAK a.s. is member of industrial group CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP and its division CSG Aerospace. Working with Aviation partners in particular with Air Navigations Service Providers (ANSPs) and Airports we have developed ATM Operational, Aeronautical Flight Billing and Aviation Business Planning systems that are unique across the industry. Our understanding of aviation business helped us to develop and integrate operational and financial data into real-world context, delivering meaningful information to support aviation business operations. The ATRAK suite of products provides advanced analytics tools addressing the most pressing industry issues. With a personal based approach, ATRAK delivers the highest standards of service and technical competence to reflect both industry and individual requirements. We obtained the ISO 9001 and ISO 21007 certification.

Product Categories

  • Aeronautical Information Systems (AIS)
  • Displays
  • Flight Data Processing Systems
  • Software
  • Surveillance Systems

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Products to be displayed

ATRAK ANS Waldo _Bypass_IDP
ATRAK ANS Card System


  • Air Traffice Management SW
  • Aeronautical Information Management
  • Aeronautical Billing
  • Aeronautical Statictics
  • Aeronautical SW solution


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