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Stand: 1311
SkyRadar.com VentureSkies S.a.r.l. 44, Esplanade de la Moselle

T: + +33 6 95327294

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SkyRadar is a global supplier of Aviation Training Equipment from Training Radars to Tower Simulators. Targeted at ATSEP & ATCO and military operators & service personnel, the European manufacturer produces training radars, tower & radar simulators, service & maintenance training equipment, as well as jammers and electronic countermeasures. The pulse, Doppler and FMCW training radars can be accessed by many ATCO and ATSEP trainees concurrently & independently. The DSP environment allows trainees to apply filters & algorithms like STC, FFT, MTD, MTI, Doppler in real-time on live radar IQ data; all visualized through A-Scopes, PPIs, Heatmaps etc. Jammers, military radars, simulators and EW modules provide dedicated defense training. We provide specific Civil & Military versions of Tower Simulators. The solutions build on a real ATM system, fed by simulated inputs and communication from pseudo pilots. Maintenance Training systems, Cyber Security Simulators and Machine Learning (AI) round up the modular package.

Product Categories

  • Cyber Security
  • Software
  • Training Equipment (including Simulators)
  • AI/AR (Artificial Intelligence/Augmented Reality)
  • Radar

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Products to be displayed

NextGen 8 GHz Pulse Radar
SkyRadar's NextGen 8 GHz Pulse radar is the modular low-power close range radar for ATC-training, education, and research. It is able to cover the complete range from the introduction of radar and pulse technology to the most complex experiments on artificial intelligence. This system has been developed for training and research in civil aviation, defense, universities, and industry.
FreeScopes Basic I
The FreeScopes Basic I is the basic software package for the Digital Signal Processing & Radar Control Center in the modular SkyRadar solution. It also includes the hardware control environment, managing all components of the radar training system's hardware. It includes a user interface for the trainer / teacher where specific hardware features can be controlled. The users are enabled to do manipulations independently on their computers. Free-floating panels of the FreeScopes Control Center allow each student to set up his own signal conversion chain, analyzing raw data, data after FFT, STC etc.
FreeScopes Basic II
FreeScopes Basic II expands the vector oriented signal processing of FreeScopes Basic I into a matrix, making Fast Fourier Transform, heatmap, Doppler Filters or 2D CFAR possible. It also provides additional blocks such as RCS or Spectrogram. It allows for intelligent signal processing and provides the groundwork for deeper going analysis e.g., statistical and analytical methods to defeat DRFM attacks or A.I.-oriented data preparation.
FreeScopes ATC I
FreeScopes ATC I provides algorithms needed in Air Traffic Control, in particular according to ICAO Doc 4444. It produces plots and tracks and gives various intelligent algorithms for movement detection and tracking. This module is vital for ATCO and ATSEP students. It makes the step from the theoretic understanding of the radar image to typical conventions on how target plots and tracks are displayed. The included features are a landmark in practical radar training helping to qualify on plots and tracks as needed for for ICAO 10057 oriented qualification


  • Radar Training System
  • Tower Simulator
  • Electronic Counter Measures
  • Artificial Intelligence


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