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Siemens Ruggedcom
Stand: 119
300 Applewood Cres.

T: + 49 721 595-1450

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Company profile

Siemens understands your need for fast, reliable, and standardized communications. Our innovation and focus on rugged communications help companies meet these needs now and in the future. RUGGEDCOM products from Siemens set new standards for quality and reliability for communication networks deployed in harsh environments. AeroMACS is a new data link technology intended to support airport surface communications. This wireless technology is used for airport ground applications as well as for safety and traffic control. The AeroMACS technology is based on IEEE802.16e which is also the standard for private wireless broadband networks. The RUGGEDCOM WIN family of wireless products supports IEEE802.16e with set of frequencies starting at 1.4 GHz, covering specific frequency bands all the way to 5.8 GHz. Using the 5091–5150 MHz band, allocated by the ITU at the World Radio Communication Conference 2007 (WRC-07), Siemens is able to offer AeroMACS services to airports around the world.

Product Categories

  • Communications - Data-Link
  • Cyber Security
  • Software

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