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142, rue du village d'entreprises

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CGX AERO is specialized in Geographical Information System solutions dedicated to Civil and Military Aviation Authorities and operates in almost 60 countries all around the world. We develop and edit software tools dealing with Data management, Airspace and Procedure Design, Aeronautical charting (final publication in AIP), Obstacle Assessment (OLS and eTOD, ICAO annexes 14 & 15) etc. Our expertise is built to meet AIS-to-AIM transition requirements, Flight Optimization and data traceability and integrity. To do so, CGX AERO provides a complete AIM chain: from data collection to procedure design and finally mapping including origination, design, assessment, and publication. This solution ensures interoperability between different modules and actors. Regarding procedure design activities, CGX AERO received the PBN recognition from ICAO and is certified by the Philippines, UAE, Sweden and French DGAC. Our quality management system is also certified ISO 9001:2015.

Products to be displayed

AIP GIS Charting®
Aeronautical Charting software application used to edit, update, and publish Civil and/or Military AIP Charts in an integrated, georeferenced and fully automated environment.
AIM4Flight® ensures the interoperability between software solutions and the different actors of a project, linking them through a collaborative and centralized platform which is a support to the ADQ (Aeronautical Data Quality, EUROCONTROL) compliance process ensuring data integrity and traceability in the AIM chain.
Data4Flight® dedicated to aeronautical data management, integrates Aeronautical Data Quality (ADQ) principles defined by EUROCONTROL and ICAO Annex 15 amendment 37. It aims at ensuring integrity along the data life cycle.
Airspace4Flight® allows Airspace and En-route creation directly in Data4Flight® Database. It takes advantage of all embedded capabilities within Data4Flight® such as database access, aeronautical data formats (AIXM4.5, AIXM5.1, ARINC424, ARINC816) interoperability and GIS features and geographical data formats compliance.
GéoTITAN® is an expert instrument flight procedure design tool to design flight paths associated with their protection areas, in a geo-referenced aeronautical environment. Thanks to ENAC PANS-OPS’s expertise and CGX AERO’s knowledge in GIS, GéoTITAN® offers a complete geo-referenced package for procedure designers.
Obstacle Assessment (Data4Flight module)
Obstacle Assessment is a solution dedicated to the analysis of existing and future obstacles and the need of assessing the impact within airport building restricted areas. Data4Flight® Obstacle Assessment extension uses the information contained in a share databased in order to automatically create surfaces described in ICAO annex 14, 15, and ICAO EUR DOC 015.
Recognizing the need for procedure designers to rapidly create data driven charts (SID, STAR, IAC, etc.) from newly designed procedures, CGX has developed Chart4Flight® which enables to create charts (SID, STAR, IAC and Engine-out SID), fully compliant to the ICAO Annex 14 regulation for symbology, layout, etc.
A web service for your RNP-AR procedures’ flight plans preparation and a system predicting the GPS RAIM availability for a given point, or group of trajectories from a given aerodrome.
eMAPS® is a web platform allowing to efficiently evaluate, record then exploit obstacles-related information, according to ICAO Annex 15 and its regional specifications (such as EUROCONTROL in Europe).
AiRFInder® is a specialized surveillance solution for easy identification and location of interference sources which frequently disturb ground and on board navigation systems. AiRFInder® is the result of a 10-year collaborative development partnership between the French DTI-Flight Inspection Service and CGX AERO.



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