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AirShare Ltd.
Stand: 592
3 Vernon Street Level 3
New Zealand

T: + 64 27 4052110

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Company profile

AirShare is a world leader in UAV Traffic Management (UTM). Created in 2014 as part of Airways New Zealand, AirShare has been innovating rapidly to help achieve the vision of - creating the aviation environment of the future. Fast forward 5 years, and AirShare is now a proven, fully operational UTM solution that enables drone pilots and ANSPs to share the skies safely, throughout New Zealand. AirShare Highlights - COMPREHENSIVE, END-TO-END UTM SOLUTION AirShare caters for both cooperative and non-cooperative UAV activity. DRONE DETECTION RADAR Intelligent detection and management of UAV targets in or around control zones. FLIGHT INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (FIMS) Real-time tracking and management of all national UAV activity (including non-compliance alerts). UAV SERVICE PROVISION (USP) Supports safe and efficient operations by providing flight approvals via web and mobile apps. View current airspace activity and communicate with authorities while in flight. U-TRAX REMOTE ID Standalone, realtime flight tracking.

Product Categories

  • Drone/UAV technology





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