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Cambridge Pixel Ltd.
Stand: 1003
Cambridge Pixel Ltd. New Cambridge House Bassingbourn Road
United Kingdom

T: + 44 1763 852749

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  • Title: Cambridge Pixel Newsletter- Summer 2022 (June)
    Description: In this issue: Release of a new free ASTERIX Data Viewer, our recent collaborations, products that are coming soon, article on small target detection, a new Whitepaper and more.

Products to be displayed

RadarView is Cambridge Pixel's PC-based radar visualisation software. It is a ready-to-run Windows application that receives, processes and scan converts multiple channels of radar video into PPI, A-Scan and B-Scan formats. Designed for applications that require a cost-effective and easy-to-use display capability for primary and secondary radars, RadarView runs on any standard Windows PC.
ASD -View
ASD-View is Cambridge Pixel's lightweight PC-based display application for ADS-B receivers. It is a complete ready-to-run Windows application for the display of target positions and associated information contained within ADS-B transmissions.
Comprised of a set of modules that support maintenance of asset and weapon databases, the new TEWA software is a system-agnostic tool to integrate with legacy as well as the latest primary and IFF radars.
SPx Tracker-3D
SPx Tracker-3D is a software-based radar tracker for applications of 3D tracking and tracking from electronically scanned (non rotating) radars. The software receives plot detections from the radar sensor to create and maintain target tracks, which can then be output in ASTERIX format for external display or fusion processing.
ASD-100 is Cambridge Pixel's PC-based turnkey air surveillance display application for primary and secondary radar data. Designed to provide a clear, intuitive air situation display, it accepts input from the network in open ASTERIX formats.
HPx-346 Analogue to Network Radar Converter
The HPx-346 is a small form factor, combined analogue radar input and network radar video distribution unit. The unit connects to the analogue video interface on a radar, digitises the data and distributes it as UDP packets over Ethernet.


  • Air situation displays
  • Threat evaluation for air defence
  • Radar processing and display
  • Radar track fusion and tracking
  • ASTERIX converter and viewer


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