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Saipher ATC
Stand: 1353
Av São João, 2405 - Helbor Corporate, 20º andar, Jardim das Colinas
Sao Jose dos Campos
Sao Paulo

T: + 55 12 2112-0217

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Company profile

Saipher ATC is a Brazilian technology company specialized in the supply of Air Traffic Management and Control Solutions and was the first to introduce Electronic Flight Progression Strips (EFPS) in 1998 to air traffic control towers, which is now used by over 170 airport facilities throughout Brazil. In its twenty-five history, Saipher ATC has developed systems to optimize the processes surrounding airport operations, air traffic flow management, and airport statistical reporting. The company has pioneered real-time monitoring of air traffic control, and their solutions have resulted in better planning across the entire airport operations spectrum.

Product Categories

  • Remote Maintenance Monitoring
  • Software
  • ATC Towers/Mobile Control Towers
  • AAM/UAM Advanced Air Mobility/Urban Air Mobility
  • Drones - Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM)

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Products to be displayed

The TATIC® (Total Air Traffic Information Control) Suite consists of products developed under strict customization, integration, security, and functionality. They comprise various solutions with modules that can be integrated for use in the most diverse sectors of planning, management, and air traffic control. The development of these systems was based on high technology and vast knowledge that was acquired over decades in the aeronautical sector. The result was the automation of functions, simplification and improvement of processes, and increased efficiency and safety in operations. Most products replace the conventional "strips" (sheets) of paper with electronic strips, in English the "Electronic Flight Progress Strips" (EFPS). They contain operational information from a flight plan and are digitally distributed among the various operational positions, creating the automatic standardization and organization of information, as well as avoiding the need to use countless amounts of paper.


  • Electronic Flight Progress Strips
  • EFPS
  • Solutions for air traffic and airports


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