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Scintec AG
Stand: 1212
Wilhelm-Maybach-Str. 14

T: + 49 7472 986430

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Company profile

With plants in Rottenburg/Germany, Boulder/USA and Hong Kong, Scintec develops and manufactures ground-based remote sensing systems using optical, radiowave and acoustic technology. Scintec provides wind profilers covering height ranges from the atmospheric boundary layer to the full troposphere and beyond. More than 500 Radars and Sodars of the LAP Series and the FAS Series have been built and supplied to airports, weather services, air quality agencies, the military, power plants, mining companies, and chemical industries worldwide. Radars and Sodars can be applied in all weather, can measure even through dense clouds and are capable of longterm continuous operation in virtually all climates with minimum maintenance needs. RASS technology simultaneously determines temperature with higher accuracy than passive microwave solutions. The Scintec LAP3000, LAP8000, LAP12000, LAP16000, SFAS, MFAS, and XFAS are today's most trusted instruments when it comes to reliable remote wind and temperature sounding. Scintec is ISO 9001 certified.

Product Categories

  • Antenna
  • Environmental Controls
  • Meteorological Equipment
  • Software

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  • meteorological
  • wind profiler
  • sodar
  • scintillometer
  • radar


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