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Mitsubishi Electric Corporation - Lidar/Radar System
Stand: 1328
2-7-3, Marunouchi Chiyoda-ku

T: + 81 33218 9553

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Company profile

Mitsubishi Electric is a recognized leading manufacture of electric and electronic equipment used in a broad range of fields. “Change for the Better,” the corporate statement of the Mitsubishi Electric Group, encapsulates all that we stand for and aspire to -a brighter future for society, industry, and everyday life through innovation. It expresses our commitment to continuously adapt and evolve in the unwavering pursuit of excellence, and represents the raison d’être for each and every employee. As we progress toward our 100th anniversary, our company-wide focus is -applying our technologies to contribute to society and enhance quality of life around the globe. We’re working to create a brighter future through innovation, and to ensure a more sustainable world. In order to achieve this goal, we will continue to improve our wide-ranging products, services and business activities, to help change the planet’s environment for the better.


  • Aviation Safety
  • Sensor technology
  • Doppler LIDAR system


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