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Polish Air Navigation Services Agency
Stand: 834
8 Wieżowa Street

T: + 48 22 5746772

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Every day Polish Air Navigation Services Agency ensures safety of passengers in more than 2,500 flights over Poland. We have one of the biggest airspace in Europe: over 334,000 km2. Almost a million overflights, approaches, take-offs and landings in 2019 were supervised by more than 580 air traffic controllers employed in Polish Air Navigation Services Agency, as well as almost 240,000 General Aviation flights under watch of the Flight Information Service (FIS). Polish Air Navigation Services Agency is also the only institution in Poland training and employing civil air traffic controllers (so-called ATCOs). We also provide Flight Inspection Services for monitoring the proper operation of ground-based navigation aids from the air. We offer validation of conventional and satellite based flight procedures. In the Air Traffic Management Centre of Polish Air Navigation Services Agency, as well as in 15 airports throughout Poland the air traffic controllers take care of safe journeys.

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The Polish Air Navigation Services Agency ensures air traffic safety. PANSA’s key tasks include airspace management, which is the direct responsibility of PANSA’s Airspace Management Cell (AMC) which receives requests to reserve airspace structures for purposes of training flights, air shows or military exercises. These requests can be submitted by any type of user, either civilian or military one. AMC operations personnel analyses the requests thoroughly, in which they are supported by Common Airspace Tool (CAT) system, designed by PANSA and now operational and offered in 2.0 version. CAT system is used for receiving and verifying structure reservations while improving the process of creation and publication of the Airspace Use Plan (AUP), one of the key aeronautical documents used by sky users. CAT system provides for efficient management of airspace structures in accordance with the Advanced Flexible Use of Airspace (AFUA) concept, on a pre-tactical level and in real time.
PANSA is among Europe’s largest institutions that employ civilian air traffic controllers. As an organisation with strategic targets oriented to safety, effectiveness and development, PANSA perfectly understands the current needs and requirements of air traffic controllers and other operations personnel. Challenges related to digitalisation as well as easy and quick access to various types of information, and consequently maintenance of high level of safety and reduction of delays, require new technological solutions. The need to meet these challenges and adapt to the changing environment have made PANSA design and implement its own proprietary Information Display System PANDORA. Displaying aeronautical information such as maps, meteorological data, frequencies, photographs, aircraft technical data and other documents, PANDORA system supports air traffic controllers and other operations personnel. PANDORA system provides information in real time relying on its own internal database while enabling cooperation with other systems and use of their external sources of information.
A-CDM TERMINUS system provides important data for planning and managing of airport traffic situations in advance. A-CDM, as a concept, and TERMINUS, as a TSAT (Target Startup Approval Time) generator for a better engine start-up planning, enable prediction and flow of information on aircraft handling within the airport (landing, completion of ground handling, take off). Close cooperation of all stakeholders, supported with that information, contributes to the entire process improvement, and results in operational, financial and environmental gains. A-CDM means cooperation of all key stakeholders in managing air operations within the airport. It includes such stages as ground handling and joint prediction, planning and setting up the optimal times when aircraft can start their engines. TSAT is then fed into the European air traffic management system Network Manager B2B Web Services, with which A-CDM TERMINUS is connected. Correct data input on the current and predicted traffic situation improves appropriate management.
PansaUTM is a digitalised, automated UAV flights coordination and flight plans management concept which is comprised of PANSA’s own operating solutions and the system part delivered by the technological partner HAWK-E and integrated with Droneradar, the most popular application among drone operators in Poland. PansaUTM serves as the source of primary information and aeronautical data. The system facilitates the flight coordination process, providing the information on operators, their licences and registered drones if needed to assess the UAV flight requests. PansaUTM system with the dFPL (drone Flight Plan) functionality (i.e. UAV flight plans) provides also for electronic creation of BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) and VLOS (Visual Line of Sight) missions in accordance with applicable regulations taking into account terrain and air conditions such as airspace structure occupation, operational limitations, and weather.
The Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA) is very much experienced how crucial is accurate and timely processing flight plans data for today’s airspace managers. These days air traffic management systems are required to operate with data from multiple sources, both civil and military. Additionally, all these data must be processed without any error or delay. To meet these modern criteria PANSA created its original TRack Adviser for Flight Information Concerns system – TRAFFIC. The purpose of TRAFFIC system is to deliver information from flight plans along with their subsequent changes and complementary messages, that are verified based on operational and legal requirements, as well as synthetic and semantic ones. TRAFFIC system is solely responsible for processing and validating flight plans data before the information is sent to ATM systems.


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