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State Research Institute of Aviation Systems
Stand: 473
7, Viktorenko Street

T: + 7 499 1579597

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Company profile

GosNIIAS is a Russian Federation scientific center engaged in civil and military aviation systems researches including aircraft system efficiency and concept definition (external design), avionics systems integration and development, airborne system algorithms and software, and others. The scientific center has a great experience in fast-time, hardware-in-the-loop and human-in-the-loop simulation of ATM/CNS systems and controller-pilot interaction. The experience in the ATC/ATM system fast-time simulation allowed GosNIIAS to conduct researches for Russian ANSP and other stakeholders using own designed simulation tool which is the new generation of gate-to-gate, airspace and ground modeler.

Product Categories

  • Consulting
  • Safety Systems/Risk Assessment
  • Simulators
  • Software

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products to be displayed

ATM Simulation Tool
ATM Simulation Tool presents fast-time gate-to-gate simulation of ATM operations entire cycle, including TMA, en-route and airport modelling. It is an excellent support tool for ATM experts in various research areas, for example development and evaluation of measures taken to improve ATM system or assessment of airspace efficiency and safety. Multifunctional instrument for airspace and flight data design and analysis and various indicators assessment models allow conducting studies to serve the interest of different stakeholders, such as ANSPs, CAA, airports and airlines.


  • TMA modelling
  • En-route modelling
  • Airport modelling
  • Gate-to-date simulation
  • Fast-time simulation


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