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Company profile

Si ATM AB is an ATM system supplier with over 30 years of experience in installation of operational systems and simulators to ANSPs, Training Institutes, and other aviation organisations throughout the world. Located in Stockholm, Si ATM has specialized in development of highly advanced technology for Tower, Approach, and Area Control Centres, integrated with a variety of other systems. In addition to SESAR compliant ATM and Fall-back Systems (FBS), Si ATM also supplies scalable ATC training simulators for all levels and airspaces, also including high fidelity 3D tower simulators. Si ATM is known for its high quality and low risk implementation of ATM systems. Flexibility and low cost maintenance solutions distinguish the company in the competitive market of ATM. Cutting edge ATM technology, based on Eurocontrol/EU requirements, has been implemented in Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Product Categories

  • Flight Data Processing Systems
  • Simulators
  • Software
  • ATC Towers/Mobile Control Towers
  • AI/AR (Artificial Intelligence/Augmented Reality)


products to be displayed

ATC simulator
The combined radar simulator and airport tower simulator, CSim, supports an integrated and realistic training environment for en-route, approach and tower controllers. There are several benefits to using the radar and tower simulator. Apart from low cost and a high-quality training facility, the simulator could also be used as redundant emergency system (see also the product FBS). The radar simulator and airport tower simulator contains five main segments: Simulator segment Visualization segment Operational segment Voice communication segment Recording and playback segment The CSim airport tower simulator and radar simulator uses system parameters for adaptation and tuning to its environment. This includes airport and airspace structures as well as the behavior of aircraft and vehicles. This approach makes it possible for customers to create and maintain several completely different ATM environments/airspace, referred as sessions. CSim allows to simultaneously run exercises in separate sessions, e.g. radar training in one airspace and tower/approach training in another.
ATM operational system
ATMSys is an ATM System that supports ATC operations for En-route (ACC), Approach (APP) and Tower (TWR). It was first launched for operational use in 1999 and has been incrementally upgraded with functionality in conformity with Single European Sky (SES) regulation. The ATM System is designed and proven to be flexible and configurable for any size of ATC systems and easily expandable in size and functionality. Furthermore, it is redundant and fault tolerant, life-cycle cost effective and highly adaptable. Flight Data Assistants have an efficient HMI to support editing, browsing, queue handling with support for complex search criteria. The ATMSys supports ACC, APP and TWR operations. The Controller HMI is window driven and suitable for one or two monitor configurations. Controller interaction with flights is performed through labels and electronic strips. The HMI is specially designed for a paperless environment. Only required data is presented. Additional information is easy to retrieve.
ATM fallback system
Si ATM’s concept for ATC Fallback Systems (FBS) has been designed and developed together with users, to safely clear the sky or to operate with a reduced or full capacity while the main system is out of service. The main purpose of a Fallback System is to provide ATCOs with automatic support in case of sudden unexpected failure of main system, planned switch-off of main system for shorter periods and unavailability of main system for longer periods. To meet the objectives, the Fallback System shall comply with a number of specific requirements and run continuously, in parallel with, but independent of the main system.
AMAN - Arrival manager
The Si Arrival Manager (AMAN) is an integrated component of the Si ATMSys product, but it can also be provided as stand-alone arrival management system complementary to, or integrated with, other systems. The Si Arrival Manager was first launched in 2011 and is continuously upgraded with new functionality as defined and requested by the ATM community. Si AMAN meets the SESAR ATM functionality requirements for extended arrival management. The main objectives of the implementation of AMAN, are to reduce overall controller workload, minimize delay in high traffic situations, support continuous descent approach and improve operational safety, efficiency and predictability.


  • ATM operational system
  • simulator
  • ATC
  • artificial intelligence
  • AMAN


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