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Edda Systems
Stand: 1265
Industriveien 1

T: + 47 3128 7000

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Company profile

Edda Systems, Norway, was founded in 2005 by five ATC experts from the Norwegian ANSP. The latest technologies for software and systems development have been used to efficiently produce a flexible and scalable ATC simulator product that can run on a single desktop up to one large installation across many sites, if desired. The simulator is named eCoach and can include any part of ACC, Approach, or Tower/Ground control in one simulation. This can serve training of controllers as well as AFIS operators at any skill level, and also support ATC or airport related projects for quality and safety. Edda Systems and eCoach is focused on lowest possible life cycle cost via quality, stability, and quick-and-easy operations in all aspects.

products to be displayed

eCoach ATC Tower/Ground training
One eCoach Simulator system can be installed with seamless projector solutions or with large LCD monitors. Or both, in the same installation, as multiple tower cabins with variable sizes. One or more working positions are included in each “tower cabin”, with ground and air surveillance, electronic or paper flight strips, and so on.
eCoach ACC / Approach training
Working positions for area control and/or approach control can be included in the eCoach simulator installation. This can work standalone or in concert with tower/ground control, selectable per simulation session. This allows gate-to-gate simulations with manned working positions to support all phases of flight.
eCoach Voice Communication System Simulator
The eCoach simulator comes with integrated voice communication system with all options for accessories like headsets, foot pedals, etc. The system offers synchronized recording and playback, in the simulator itself or at an office computer.
eCoach full-scale or part-scale simulation
An aircraft travels gate to gate, and eCoach simulation focus can be any part of this travel. The part not in focus is easily automated, leaving the rest for student challenge or subject to scrutiny. This applies to all aspects of air traffic, including e.g. military operations or airport construction projects.
eCoach Eye-tracking
An Edda Systems research program has resulted in the possibility to track the student operator’s eye movements across all installed equipment – airport view, monitors, strip bays – i.e. everything. This allows an instructor to evaluate the student’s visual scanning patterns e.g. before a landing clearance is issued.
eCoach Speech recognition
For large amounts of fluent phraseology training without the need for human assistance, eCoach offers speech recognition functionality. This allows a student to train alone on various aspects of ATC. Thus, the student’s phraseology and ATC skills can be efficiently trained to a high quality level with minimum cost.
eCoach Remote operations
Multiple system installations and personnel travel can be significant contributions to the life cycle cost. Therefore, eCoach allows working positions and possibly 3D tower installations to be located at several sites. Communication over the internet to simulation server and central simulator pilot resources allows flexible, cost-effective operations for both training and project support.
eCoach Project support
ATC related projects like airport construction or operational systems upgrade can be really expensive. Significant risk reduction can be achieved by simulating phases of construction or testing operational software. This, and much more, is achievable with eCoach simulator equipment. Combined with personnel training, the cost / benefit ratio of the simulator installation can be greatly improved.
eCoach Simulation Life Cycle Cost control
The above building blocks combined with customer tailored selection of hardware and our innovative software results in great cost/benefit and the lowest possible life cycle cost for our customer. This is the main focus for Edda Systems. Benjamin Franklin: "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten."


  • ATC Simulator
  • Tower simulator
  • ATC training simulator
  • Airport operations simulator
  • Airspace planning


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