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Stand: 1177
20 Zvi Bergman St,
Petah Tikva

T: + 972 54 4223888

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Company profile

SKYLOCK ANTI-DRONE systems provide early detection, long range protection of up to 20km, and neutralization of unauthorized drones from a distance of 2.5km. Client orientated, we offer multi-layered passive and/or active systems according to the type of threat, environment and budget. Our systems are fully operational and have already been deployed in several countries. We also offer, the SAFE SKIES system for preventing drone/helicopter collisions. This system automatically notifies helicopter pilots of approaching drones, allowing them to steer out of harm's way.

Product Categories

  • Antenna
  • Commercial Space
  • Drone/UAV technology
  • Government Organizations
  • Ground - Based Navigational Aids
  • Safety Systems/Risk Assessment
  • Surveillance Systems (including Radar)


  • drone radar
  • anti drone
  • anti drone technology
  • drone tracker
  • drone detection radar


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