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OCEM Airfield
Stand: 303
Via della Solidarietà, 2/1
Crespellano, Bologna
Emilia Romagna

T: + +32473788055

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Company profile

OCEM Airfield is a global leader in technologies that help airports handle more aircraft, safely and efficiently, from approach to departure. Our connected airport vision focuses on connecting all airside assets and beyond, through our state of the art airfield lighting and our airfield lighting control and monitoring system that lies at the heart of airport operations. OCEM Airfield can look back to over a century of expertise in the airfield industry, The company designs, develops and produces all airfield ground lighting solutions and integrates it into any airport set up to create the intelligent airport. The company is partner to well over 1,500 airports on all continents. Its strategy is to make the airfield safer, more efficient, and more sustainable with its advanced airfield ground lighting solutions and services. www.ocem.com

Product Categories

  • Airfield Operations
  • Lighting (Runway/Taxiway)
  • Remote Maintenance Monitoring

Press Releases



  • Airfield Ground Lighting Control and Monitoring System
  • Intelligent Lighting
  • Connected Airport
  • IoT
  • Airfield Ground Lighting


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