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Stand: 1360
TT Vasumweg 150
1033 SH

T: + 31 20 7500220

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Company profile

MEP designs, develops and supplies Voice Communication Systems for Air Traffic Control and Maritime Traffic Control. The MEP digital system is compliant with stringent safety norms and the highest standards in the industry (ED-137 f.e.). Air Traffic Controllers worldwide rely on our products and appreciate the performance. Some of the unique elements of our system are: -our system is extreme reliable (MTBF far above 1.000.000 hrs) -our system is scalable (so grow without losing your initial investment) -our user interface is free configurable (templates developed by Human Factor specialists are available) -we have the fastest start up time in the industry (less than 30 seconds) -we use the least energy -we don’t have any moving part like fans (so no dust can be attracted) We offer a wide variety of operator working positions with for example 5,7". 7", 12,1" or 15" LED TFT touch screens. Contact us to find out


Case Studies

  • Title: Contact MEP for the best case studies
    Description: MEP is running projects in Europe, Asia and Africa. Many of them involving the latest ED137 technologies and optimized user interfaces. It is our aim to run projects within budget and agreed timelines and ensure that our customers are very satisfied with their Voice Communication Systems. We are looking forward to explain our projects in more details with you. Please visit our stand 1360 at hall 9 or call us at +31 20 7500220
  • Title: Some case studies
    Description: A few case studies you can find in our pdf document
  • Title: London Oxford Airport
  • Title: HIAL Aiports Scotland

products to be displayed

TCS990 Voice Switch
The TCS990 digital switch is designed for traffic controllers who guard critical situations around the clock. The design is the result of over twenty years experience in Voice Switches. The switch supports external IP-networks, telecom networks, remote line interfaces and a variety of consoles. Our powerful Content Management System (CMSpro) makes installation, control and maintenance effortless
STP990 5,7 inch Operator Working Position
The STP990 is our smallest touchscreen console. It is executed in the colors or silver. This complete console has a built in microphone, 2 speakers, 2 volume controls and a PTT button. This console is often used in smaller airports or last resort systems.


  • Voice Communication System
  • VCS
  • Operator working position
  • Gateway
  • Simulator


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