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Comtech EF Data
Stand: 1352
7755 Henri-Bourassa Blvd., West
H4S 1P7

T: + 1 514 8675873

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Company profile

With the Heights Networking Platform and the CDM-570A Satellite Modem products, Comtech EF Data provides unique features to address different aspects of the Air Traffic Control (ATC) market. Supplemental to this and certainly enhancing our modems and networking platforms are our line of Memotec NetPerformer multiplexers and RF products, which efficiently grooms various ATC voice and data traffic streams to optimize bandwidth capacity and minimize satellite costs without compromising performance. Any of these products, in any band and any power levels, can be managed by our Network Management System. Website : www.comtechefdata.com

Product Categories

  • Communications - Data-Link
  • Communications - Voice
  • Communications Control (including voice switching)
  • Integrated Telephone Systems/Services
  • Radios
  • Satellite Services

Press Releases

products to be displayed

NetPerformer SDM-9140
The NetPerformer SDM-9140 is a standalone chassis designed for network voice/data convergence at the branch office and the central site level. It is a high speed, low cost, flexible and powerful unit that supports analog/digital voice and data in a multitude of application scenarios. It is ideal for locations that require support for up to 16 analog or 120 digital telephony channels.


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