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Zhengzhou Huahang Technology Co.,Ltd.
Stand: 1384
36 Hongsong Road, High-Tech Area

T: + 86 0371 67897082

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Company profile

Founded in November 2005,HHKJ specialized in design,development,production,selling and operational maintenance of civil air-ground communication equipment. Looking to the future,through our commitment to continued research,we aim to continue to develop innovative new products that meet the changing operational needs of clients across the world.

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  • Antenna
  • Radios

Press Releases

products to be displayed

HKMS-2000 Multi-channel system
The four-channel sysytem is a standard minimum configuration for a new civil aviation airport,and cna be extended to 8 channels,16 channels and other communication systems as required.
HHKJ1000 VHF Mobile Radio
HHKJ1000 Mobile Radio applies to aircraft target leading and ground communication equipment commanded by ACC.It is portable and vehicular.It is intended to be widely used in emergency rescue and disaster relief and emergency response.
HHKJ2000T VHF Transmitter
HHKJ2000T represents the latest generation of VHF air-ground communication equipment designed independently by our company.Possible applications range from civil aviation air-ground communication to air traffic control system.
HHKJ2000R VHF Receiver
HHKJ2000R is the improved unit of downsized HHKJ2000 VHF Receiver.It keeps the function and characteristics of the old type.However,the width of its case is modified into one quarter of the original(19"/4).The unit is characterized by compact structure,excellent performance and easy to install.


  • VHF Radios


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