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KPGeo Sp. z o.o.
Stand: 175
Krolewska 65

T: + 48 12 3793170

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Company profile

KPGeo specializes in development of critical aeronautical safety data. KPGeo was formed in 2012 gathering experts in aviation, satellite imagery processing and photogrammetry. In our vision of the company we identified a quality focused work culture. Since 2012 we have delivered high quality products for the aviation market: AMDB and eTOD databases, digital terrain models to support PBN (Performance Base Navigation) and Surface Navigation. At the same time we are also striving to grow and maintain the same high quality standards regarding our working relationships with clients and coworkers. Our production processes are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Product Categories

  • Aeronautical Information Systems (AIS)
  • Consulting
  • Simulators


Case Studies

  • Title: AMDB and eTOD for 7 airports in Mexico
    Description: ICAO is transitioning from the current AIS to the more modern AIM system. To meet ICAO Annex 15 requirements, Mexican airport operator, ASUR Airports (Grupo Aeroportuario del Sureste) decided to transition from the paper AIS to the all-digital AIM system. As an initial implementation of the AIM system, AMDB and eTOD for 9 airports operated by ASUR were awarded. To meet ICAO requirements connected with the implementation of AIM, the ASUR Airports operator awarded The FANS Group as Prime contractor and KPGeo as subcontractor to create digital databases (AMDB and eTOD) for 9 airports. As a subcontractor, KPGeo was issued task orders to create AMDB and eTOD for 7 of the 9 airports including the largest one: Cancun airport (MMUN). The project was completed with very high standards of quality, according to the production specifications: EUROCAE ED-99B, ED-98A and ICAO Annex 15.
  • Title: GCPs for over 400 Airports around the World
    Description: The project was completed with very high guality standards and deliverables included: Under this contract, it was envisioned that DigitalGlobe would produce 1,000 3D airfields, terrain and obstacle databases for the global company. In addition, DigitalGlobe would perform maintenance on the higher complexity airports to keep them current over the 3.5 year term of the agreement. KPGeo participated in the first phase of the planned multi-year contract which was designed to produce 3D airport mapping, terrain and obstacle databases for up to 1,000 airfields around the world. In support of the mapping requirements, KPGeo was contracted to provide GCPs for over 400 airport locations in Africa, Asia, Australia, Central America, Caribbean, Europe and South America. The minimum ground positional accuracy of GCPs delivered was horizontal (CE90) 0.7 meters and vertical (LE90) 1.25 meters. For each airport location, 8 to 10 well distributed control points were captured for each airport AOI.

products to be displayed

Aerodrome Mapping Databases (AMDB)
Aerodrome Mapping Databases (AMDB) Our AMDBs are high quality databases representing geographically referenced 3D digital models of the aerodrome with attribute characteristics of the required features. AMDBs are produced using stringent aeronautical standards and support many on-board applications, which improve safe surface navigation, increased safety margins and operational efficiency.
Electronic Terrain and Obstacle Data (eTOD)
eTOD (Electronic Terrain and Obstacle Data) represent man-made or natural obstacles around the airport and bare earth represented as regular elevation grid. ICAO requires States to ensure the availability of eTOD data that is developed in accordance with requirements of ICAO Area 15.Our eTOD datasets comply with ICAO Annex 15 standards for eTOD, ICAO Annex 4 and 14.
Online Service for AIXM Exchange and Visualisation
Our service provides the ability to convert data from AIXM (Aeronautical Information Exchange Model) format to ESRI Shapefile format, and conversely.The service enables two-way conversion of eTOD (electronic Terrain and Obstacle Data) and AMDB (Aerodrome Mapping Database). You don’t need to install any software, everything you need is accessible via a web browser.
Ground Control Points
GCPs are defined as points on the surface of the earth of a known 3D location used to geo-reference imagery. GCPs are required to improve accuracy and ensure that your data meets or exceeds the absolute accuracy of your project.We offer global GCP collection services and maintain an extensive archive of over 6,000 points.


  • AMDB
  • eTOD
  • AIXM
  • KPGeo
  • GCP


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