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FlyingBasket SRL
Stand: 1191 EXP
Via Enrico Fermi 27-29

T: + +39 0471 172660

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Company profile

The first commercial cargo drone available in Europe. FlyingBasket is a drone manufacturer specializing in heavy-payload cargo drones. Over the last seven years of activity, from prototyping to production, the matured expertise converges into the FB3 cargo drone. Developed according to safety and regulation compliance this heavy-lift drone is at the top of its category in terms of quality and capability. With 8 rotors and a 100kg payload capability, it is used to lift and transport goods, materials, and equipment in different applications and environments. Designed to replace helicopters or cranes for lifting and transportation the FB3 drone is operated exclusively by our experienced pilot to provide our customers with drone services that are efficient, sustainable and safe. It conducts transport and lifting operations in Europe for energy, telecom, logistics, construction, forestry and more

Product Categories

  • AAM/UAM Advanced Air Mobility/Urban Air Mobility
  • Drones - Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)
  • Drones - Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM)
  • Expodronica Pavilion


Products to be displayed

FlyingBasket FB3
The FB3 is the only available cargo drone in the market currently doing commercial operations. With 100kg payload capability, the FB3, has been in commercial operation since 2020, when FlyingBasket received the first operational authorization to perform complex logistic missions in sparsely populated areas. It offers a safe operation compared with helicopters and cranes, is CO2 emission-free, has low noise and its really cost-effective. FlyingBasket provides drone transportation services to companies in Logistics, Energy, Telecom, and other sectors. In addition to drone services, Flyingbasket offers regulatory support to its customers as well as training for drone license through its flight school, FlyingBasket Academy FB3 Specs Max Speed 30 m/s 70kg empty weight Up to 100kg of payload Swappable Lilon battery From 7 to 30 minutes flight time Maximum altitude: 3000 m confirmed, designed for over 5000 m


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