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Stand: 1192 EXP
Veltruska 16/602
Czech Republic

T: + 420 602 870462

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Company profile

Dronetag is a Czech startup that develops an all-in-one solution for safe drone flights. Their flagship product is Dronetag Mini which is the lightest, smallest and most affordable Remote ID device that attaches to any drone and instantly ensures its visibility for all air traffic participants. Mini is accompanied by a mobile & web app and ensures the drones and their flight plans are visible to airspace authorities and other pilots. With the half size of a muesli bar, the weight of 32g and the price of €249, it offers everything the drone market demands for current and future safe airspace coordination. Moreover, Dronetag Mini is the only device on the market that offers both Direct (Broadcast) and Network Remote ID – which means it is not only ready for the current requirements, but it is "future-proof" for the upcoming needs.

Product Categories

  • Software
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Drones - Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)
  • Drones - Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM)
  • Expodronica Pavilion

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  • Drone
  • Remote ID
  • UTM
  • U-space


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