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GreenTech Factory
Stand: 1345 EXP
Calle del Pol. Ind. Berroa, 8

T: + 34691814393

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Company profile

GreenTech Factory is the exclusive Official Distributor for the professional range of Autel Robotics products in Spain. Our offer covers the flagship VTOL Dragonfish Series, EVO II Enterprise, EVO II RTK Series, and EVO II Dual 640T. We also offer a wide range of accesories and solutions for transportation, communication (images and data sending) and autonomy of UAV"s, with our cases and backpacks

Products to be displayed

Autel Dragonfish
The Dragonfish's powerful platform and modular payload options make it an asset in a wide variety of professions: Public Safety: The Dragonfish is an all-in-one solution that allows law enforcement to conduct investigations, track suspects, and perform evidence collection. Forest Fire Prevention: Air patrol to ensure the first time forest fire identification, fire transmission, and tracking of forest fire fighting dynamics. Powerline Inspection: Air patrol to ensure the first time forest fire identification, fire transmission, and tracking of forest fire fighting dynamics. Traffic Law Enforcement: The aerial vision understands the overall situation of the road, manages and controls the traffic in time, and ensures the smooth flow of traffic. Coastal Patrol and Security: Efficiently realize fixed-point, regular and fixed-route flight patrols to combat criminal activities such as smuggling. Agriculture Monitoring: Collect multi-spectral images of farmland, analyze abnormal areas, and assist agricultural practitioners in field management.
Autel EVO II Enterprise
Applications: Public Safety: Assess threats from a safe distance or patrol an area during an investigation, freeing up manpower for other tasks. Traffic Supervision: Monitor traffic flow over a larger area and crack down on traffic violations to improve safety for everyone on the road. Power Inspection: Zip between power lines to quickly spot structural damage or overheating electrical elements, saving time and labor costs. Firefighting: Soar above the flames to identify hotspots, locate victims, and monitor changing conditions, reducing the risk for crew members on the ground. Search and Rescue: Quickly locate missing persons by using automated mission modes to cover larger search areas in situations where every second counts. Mapping: Create cost-effective 3D maps of an area using high-resolution images captured during steady, consistent flight.


  • Autel Robotics
  • Dragonfish
  • EVO II


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