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Polytechnic University of Valencia - UPV
Stand: 1335
Camino de Vera S/N Edificio 8G Acceso B - Tercera planta

T: + 34 96 3877000

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Company profile

Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) is currently considered one of the leading universities in Spain, and it is among the Spanish Universities with the highest revenue from competitive research. The UPV concentrates much of its research activity in the Polytechnic City of Innovation (CPI), where most of the UPV research institutes are located. Among the CPI R&D institutes, the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies (ITACA) was established in 2000 aiming at fuelling scientific breakthroughs and technological advances with an interdisciplinary approach. ITACA conducts research over a broad spectrum of disciplines related to ICT, including aeronautical telecommunications. The Air Navigation Systems (SNA) group is the ITACA research line focused on surveillance and navigation systems and their applications. Researchers from SNA have developed an intensive research work and they are currently involved in research projects such as the SESAR2020 ER4 BUBBLES’ and is collaborating with EUROCONTROL in upgrading the SASS-C tool.

Product Categories

  • Safety Systems/Risk Assessment
  • Surveillance Systems
  • AAM/UAM Advanced Air Mobility/Urban Air Mobility
  • Aviation and STEM Education/Courses/Degrees
  • Drones - Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM)

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Products to be displayed

U-TraC is a U-space service platform aimed at drone operators to provide safe and efficient use of the airspace. It offers both pilots and operators knowledge of the current state of their surrounding airspace and alerts them when drones do not maintain sufficient separation to ensure safe operations. The U-TraC platform implements the Separation Minima concept developed by SESAR ER4 BUBBLES project, which consists of drone-centric protection volumes that are dynamically adjusted according to drone category, operational environment, and Communication, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) systems performance. Dynamic separation enables more efficient use of the airspace while ensuring safety when CNS conditions worsen. U-TraC provides: • Active tracking of all drones connected to the platform. • Real-time monitoring of drone operations and CNS performance. • Separation Minima distances adapted to each drone and situation. • Tactical conflict notifications to pilots through the pilot App installed in their controllers. • Tactical conflict notifications to operators through the web interface.


  • U-space
  • Performance-based CNS
  • Multilateration
  • Separation Management
  • Strategic and Tactical Conflict Resolution


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