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COMMTIA Systems, S.A.
Stand: 225
Av. Generalitat, 70
La Garriga

T: + 34 938 605470

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Company profile

COMMTIA is a leading private company with more than 70 years of industrial experience, specialized in RF technologies. COMMTIA is a company focused on the design, manufacturing and installation of advanced electronic equipment and systems, that offers solutions adapted to the needs of large operators of digital TV and Radio broadcasting sector, and to other markets where technologies related to Broadcasting are applicable, such as T&S (Timing & Synchronization), D&S (Defence & Security), ISM (Industrial, Scientific & Medical), among others. COMMTIA designs and manufactures its equipment and systems entirely in La Garriga (Barcelona, Spain) and offers solutions to customers worldwide. In the Defence & Security area, COMMTIA has provided products for Air Defence and Border Surveillance as well as Air Traffic Management applications such as PSR (Primary Surveillance Radar).

Product Categories

  • Modular Systems Furniture
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Radar

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  • Radar
  • PSR (Primary Surveillance Radar)
  • Duplexer
  • SSPA
  • Amplifier


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