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Stand: 1352
Verrijn Stuartweg 24A

T: + +31 20 333 2640

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The ATM industry is led by multinationals with highly complex processes and decision-making processes no longer enabling them to be reactive to clients’ needs and think and act “outside the box”. ANSART was naturally created when an International team of ATM, CNS, flight operations experts, software developers and entrepreneurs and all of us were convinced that complementarity of knowledge and skills was the “winning equation”. Most of us were working for industry best in class market leaders and developing products and concepts . Gathering best in class knowledge, experience and technology as well as overall understanding of the ATM industry became our second nature. and that’s is why we are developing state of art products and concepts. We are a flexible structure, highly reactive to client needs and our obsession is to be customer centric and bring the latest technology at highly competitive cost.

Product Categories

  • Communications Control/Voice Switching
  • Consulting
  • Training Equipment (including Simulators)
  • ATC Towers/Mobile Control Towers
  • Communications - Voice

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Products to be displayed

ATC Simulator
Our ATC simulator has been developed by Ansart as a turnkey solution to satisfy the growing needs of air navigation service providers in effective ATC personnel training. Featuring a high-end technology and complying with ICAO and Eurocontrol standards and recommendations, the Ansart ATC simulator is a comprehensive and flexible system that can be used in a range of training applications, allowing ATC controllers to learn and improve their professional skills and to master air traffic control functions in different operational environments and situations, including the most challenging ones, in a safe and efficient way. Ansart's ATC Simulator is intended not only for training purposes but it can also be used as a practical expert tool for evaluation and research activities (e.g. review of new air traffic control methods and procedures implemented as a result of changes to the airspace structure and continuous growth of air traffic intensity).
Ansart's voice communication system is a state-of-the-art fully digital product, compliant with international standards, designed for processing, switching and interfacing voice data. It provides air-ground and ground- ground communications and is intended for all types of ATSUs (ACC, APP, TWR, MIL, FMP, etc.). The system’s scalability and configurability allow its fast adaptation, upgrade and extension, thus making it tailorable to specific customer requirements and suitable for ATC centers of any capacity, ATC training facilities, as well as other companies and enterprises wherever voice communications are required.


  • Training
  • VCS
  • ADS-B
  • ATC System


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