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HIS Hermieu International Supply
Stand: 880B
Zone Industrielle de Chicago, 1 Rue de l'Arsenal

T: + 33 3 29841796

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Company profile

HIS Hermieu International Supply is a French manufacturer specialised in Flight Strip Paper in all sizes, Flight Progress Strip Holder and Flight Progress Strip Holder’ Rack for more than 20 years. Offering a complete package including: High quality Thermal Direct Printer ZEBRA-ZT230 specially developed for the ATC/ATM department, High quality Flight Strip Paper, Reliable Flight Strip Holders in several sizes and colours, including desk station. This packaging for ATC/ATM department is one of the strong points of the company. HIS cooperates with the largest electronics engineers and works with dedicated software integrators, offering reliable solutions to our customers. Our products and services are appreciated by a large number of users worldwide, including civil and military aviation organisations, large international airports, Air Navigation Service Providers, as well as radar system integrators.

Products to be displayed

Flight Strip Thermal Paper Roll and Fanfold
A Flight Progress Strip is a small strip of thermal paper used by air traffic controllers in ATC/ATM to print information regarding aircraft in flight. HIS Hermieu International Supply offers : High quality of sensitive top coat thermal paper Dust free and very good resistance against external influences Width and length following your request Various choice of thickness and weight available Without or with black mark printing Coloured paper thermal topcoat side Image durability min. 10 years For Thermal printer up to 300 dpi High smoothness to protect thermal printer’s head ISO – PEFC Certification FSC Certification, the mark of responsible forestry Available in different sizes : standard, coloured topcoat side, with black mark or perforation.
Flight Strip Holders
Flight Strip Holder is designed and manufactured to follow air traffic control and air traffic controllers’ requirements. It strictly meets all specifications and has been certified by biggest Air Radar Integrators. HIS Hermieu International Supply selects high quality of plastic materiel able to supply comfortable use and long life. Our strip holders are adapted to work correctly with flight strip paper in both systems: roll and fanfold. We are manufacturer of several sizes, standard and spring loaded available in more than 10 different colours with competitive price. Any new coloured could be manufactured upon customer’s request.
Flight Strip Holders' Rack / Panel
The Flight Strip Holders are placed in a strip board called Strip Holders' rack, panel or bay. The strip board has vertical rails in Stainless steel that constrain the strips in several stacks. HIS Hermieu International Supply is able to supply you with high quality of grey metal racks to handle 10 or 20 strip holders in each one. This panel can be fixed on desktop or on wall.
Thermal Direct Printer
ZEBRA-ZT230 is an industrial thermal progress strip printer for ATC/ATM applications. ZEBRA-ZT230 uses all essential technical specifications of direct printing technology. It combines attractive design, robust mechanic, and powerful electronic development for RFID applications the printer can be equipped with an optional RFID unit to encode all common standard transponders.
Baggage Tags
HIS is now developing a new brand of products! Baggage tag, also known as luggage tag or bag tag, is a small piece of paper which is attached to suitcases before check-in at the airport. While aiding the passenger to look at his suitcase at the baggage carousel, baggage tags can also be use to track a baggage that got lost or that wasn’t delivered at its primary destination. A tag traditionally consists of several information: licence plate number, name of the passengers, name and IATA airport code of the airport of arrival, departure time, airline’s code and flight number. Baggage tags can have special purpose such as: cabin baggage tag, first class tag for checked baggage with preferential treatment, crew tags, fragile or heavy tags, special tags for airport’s baggage handling system, etc. For more informations or any customize request, please come see us at ourbooth No.880B!


  • Thermal Flight Strip paper Fanfold
  • Flight Progress Strip paper Roll
  • Thermal Direct Strip Printer For ATC
  • Flight Progress Strip Holder
  • Flight Strip Holder Rack - Bay - Panel


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