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Stand: 828
Am Flughafen 7

T: + 49 761 5918680

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Product Categories

  • AI/AR (Artificial Intelligence/Augmented Reality)
  • Airfield Operations
  • ATC Towers/Mobile Control Towers
  • Communications - Data-Link
  • Consulting
  • Flight Data Processing Systems
  • Ground - Ground ATC Data Networks
  • Lighting (Runway/Taxiway)
  • Simulators
  • Software
  • Surveillance Systems (including Radar)
  • Training Centers/Courses
  • Training Equipment

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products to be displayed

ATM Validation and Training Platform AVATOR
AVATOR is our response to the needs of leading airports and ANSPs to build up and maintain the required skills for new procedures and for operating new systems. Furthermore, the pressure to validate new operational procedures is growing and requires appropriate simulation systems. Since 2005 the system has proven to be a powerful and cost-effective solution preventing training and validation teams from long set-up times in other simulators. The fact that no pseudo pilots are required to operate even large scale setups of the simulation (electronic clearance input and text-to-speech module) is a major cost-saver for our customers. The system is in use for ab-initio and for refresher training of controllers as well as for validation exercises integrating tower automation systems such as A-SMGCS, A-CDM or EFPS.
The ATRiCS TowerPad® finally pushes the control tower into the 21st century. Intelligently uniting information and management action into a single user interface, an unprecedented level of human-centric automation improves system integration, communications and guidance. Increased safety, taxi efficiency and airport capacity are the result. The TowerPad® – similar to the glass cockpit onboard the aircraft – equips the controller with the most advanced working environment available today. Controllers enter their intentions on a touch-screen and can fully focus on their planning and traffic coordination task. Take a closer look at TowerPad® in our feature!
Follow the Green
“Follow the Greens” is an innovative guidance system for taxiing aircraft. It provides the flight crew with guidance indications during the taxiing phase on the airport surface by automatically illuminating individual taxiway center line lights in front of the aircraft and also automatically switching off lights in areas where they are not needed. The system has many benefits for both – pilots and controllers. ATRiCS Advanced Traffic Solutions GmbH, Germany has been one of the very early driving forces of Follow the Greens. Not being for the airfield lighting industry the company has for a long time advocated a more operations oriented approach to Follow the Greens focussing on the needs and work flows of controllers rather than approaching the system from an electrical engineer's perspective. For more information, please visit our website "www.followthegreens.com"
Departure Manager
The ATRiCS Departure Management Suite regulates the outbound demand by issuing TSAT and TTOT, whose implementation maximizes efficiency at an airport given its capacity and local constraints. Especially during peak traffic times, the resulting sequences are far superior to the traditional off-block approach using first-come- first-served. In the context of the A-CDM process this concept element enables airlines and ground handlers to plan and adjust their turnaround process in a more timely and cost- efficient manner. The TSAT improves aerodrome traffic controllers in traffic coordination and planning. Predictability: reduced taxi time variation supports airline's network operations and reduces buffer times in the flight schedules. Efficiency: reduced stop & go traffic as well as holding times at the departure runways in order to reduce delays, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Capacity: improved flow management slot allocation maximizes the available departure capacity.


  • Tower Automation
  • A-CDM
  • Remote Tower
  • Tower Simulator


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