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GroupEAD Europe S.L.
Stand: 586
Parque Empresarial San FernandoAvenida de Castilla 2Edificio Francia - Escalera A - Piso 2
San Fernando de Henares

T: + 49 6196 7696300

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Company profile

GroupEAD is a unique AIM and navigation service provider that has been operating the EAD on behalf of EUROCONTROL since 2003. As European Market Leader in AIM services with more than 19 years of experience and operating the EAD (400 clients, > 50 Data provider), a Single European Sky certified service, we are fully committed to AIM. We offer a wide range of services in aeronautical data management and in the evolution from AIS to AIM world-wide. GroupEAD is a Spanish company established in 2001 with units in Madrid and Frankfurt. With 57 staff from 16 different nations and different areas of expertise (e.g. commercial aircraft pilots, air traffic controllers, trainers, engineers etc.) we offer extensive knowledge in AIM services, data management and training services. Our proven competence will support and enable efficient AIM services, enhanced with added value service for our customers.

Product Categories

  • Aeronautical Information Systems (AIS)
  • Consulting

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No matter what challenge you are facing with Aeronautical Data Management either at your AIM Department or as an Airport Operator, in GroupEAD we can help you solving it. From implementing your Quality Management System, perform Gap Analysis against the current Regulatory Requirements, to develop a roadmap for implementing and assessing your Operations, in GroupEAD we can support you getting where you want to be. With our wide network of partners, we can support you in all kind Aeronautical Data Management related activities, even in managing and designing instrument flight procedures. We are looking forward to get in contact with you.
Data Migration
For the correct function of an AIM System, data is the key. Having quality assured, complete and accurate dataset will allow you to use the full potential of your AIM System. However, filling in your system with data many times becomes a challenge. From enormous amounts of workload to complex entities to be loaded, many challenges can keep you away from having a correct, accurate and complete dataset. In GroupEAD we are ready to help you loading or enruching your data and assuring your system is ready to support your AIM operations.
AIM Training
GroupEAD state of the art training covers all areas related to Aeronautical Information Management. From Basic AIS courses to advanced specific training, GroupEAD can provide your staff with the required skills to successfully manage AIM Operations. AIXM 5.1, Quality Assurance, AIS to AIM, Dynamic and Static Data, Aeronautical Data requirements in EU regulations, etc.. Our courses help you to make sure you are not left behind!



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