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Intersoft Electronics NV
Stand: 961
Lammerdries-oost 27

T: + 32 14 231811

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  • Antenna
  • Displays
  • Remote Maintenance Monitoring
  • Simulators
  • Software
  • Surveillance Systems (including Radar)
  • Training Equipment

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products to be displayed

NGSP platform for Radar Upgrades
When a radar system is past its mid life, owners are faced with the difficult and often expensive challenge of replacing their systems. Radar upgrades can become a cost effective solution to alleviate component obsolescence, which creates soaring maintenance and support costs, in turn affecting the performance and reliability of an ageing radar system. Many of these once state-of-the-art radar systems have also been outgrown by the environment they operate in. Increased levels of non-static clutter such as wind farms, increased air traffic densities and new requirements to track smaller cross section targets, like UAV’s, all place a performance overhead on a system that was already operating at the peak of technology for its time. Solutions Intersoft Electronics has field proven upgrades for military and civil radar systems. These systems cover a diverse range of use from airport surveillance radars, precision approach radars 3D air defence radars
RASS-S (Radar Analysis Support System for Sites), developed in recent years by Intersoft Electronics, is a radar manufacturer-independent system for evaluating the different elements of a radar by connecting to signals which are already available and this under operational conditions. The RASS-S system consists of nine major instruments: Radar Field Analyser (RFA641) Radar RF Testset (RFT646) USB Power Meter (UPM772) Radar Interface Module (RIM782) Radar Data Recorders (UDR765) Radar Gyroscope & Inclinometer and Radar Encoder Recorder (RGI596+RTI966) Radar Environment Simulator (RES28x) Radar Target Generator (RTG) Optical Delay Line (ODL969)
The RASS-M tools (Radar Analysis Support System for Maintenance activities) are used by radar technicians during recurring maintenance activities to collect and analyse the data of the radar under test. The RASS-M hardware kit consists of several light-weight, small boxes. The RASS-M recorded data is fully compatible with RASS-S. Furthermore the RASS-M suite has the option to be upgraded to RASS-S. Using RASS-M the evaluation of the radar system will be completed quickly and with little interference to the controllers since the RASS-M system can be connected to signals which are already available and this under operational conditions. This advantage combined with the simple connections and easy-to-use user-interface ensure the radar technician that RASS-M is in fact the all-round radar maintenance tool.
The RASS Real time system (RASS-R) is a collection of tools for real time recording, monitoring and analyzing digital radar data. The “R” of the RASS-R toolbox stands for: RTQC Real Time Quality Control, Remote monitoring and Recording endless loop. Using background processing, the system is able to run continuously. RASS-R is intended to be a fixed set-up that needs to be installed only once.


  • radar test equipment
  • radar technology
  • radar upgrades
  • training
  • wind turbine


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